A special league

Tom Epple runs a soccer league in Madison Ohio. In the 25 years he has run the league he has grown it from 75 kids to over 400 children who now play every season. He also started a special needs soccer program in Madison. It has grown to 55 special needs kids that play soccer in the spring and fall. Tom loves working with the special needs children because they show such love and the smiles on their faces are priceless. 

It all started when Tom noticed the brother of one of his football players was just sitting watching games because he didn’t have anywhere to play that could accommodate his special needs. Tom quickly started reading books and making equipment to make it easy for special needs children to play football. He sowed together scraps of fabric to put on little arches he made from pvc pipe so that the kids could have low goals to shoot at and made a larger soccer ball the kids to play with.

Tom also coaches numerous boys and girls teams and loves to teach all the children the meaning of being a team. After years of fund raising Tom has taken numerous teams to Europe to play. His children are grown and have families of their own but for the last 25 years he has given his time and patience to thousands of children. Everyone that knows Tom Epple has the same thing to say about him: 'his even temper and patience makes him the best coach'. The children he has coached that have gone on to High School and college still keep in touch. Tom is truly a role model for all who know him.