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The Best FIFA Football Awards™

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The Best FIFA Football Awards™

London: Top tips for visitors

An Aerial view of the new Wembley Stadium
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With a nickname like ‘The Big Smoke’, you may not expect London to be one of the world’s most beautiful cities. But rather than the smoky London town of old, today you’ll discover a vibrant capital with one of the greatest concentrations of tourist attractions.

With stunning architecture, fascinating historical landmarks and culture that inspires the city’s art, food and music scene, your only problem will be cramming all the extraordinary sights into one unforgettable visit. To help you out, we have picked our top tips for your next trip to the United Kingdom’s capital.

Wembley Stadium
Home to the England national team, Wembley Stadium boasts the accolade of being the second-largest stadium in Europe with a 90,000 capacity, and is an essential visit for any football fan. Constructed in 2007 on the site of London’s original Wembley and its iconic twin towers, the venue’s rich history – including the Three Lions’ famous 1966 FIFA World Cup™ Final victory – is still very much alive within the new walls. The best way to relieve it all is through the stadium tour, where you can get close to prized treasures such as the Jules Rimet Trophy created to commemorate England’s 1966 victory.

The Tower of London
One of the most fascinating aspects of London is the city’s staggering history – and it is brought to life by the Tower of London. Founded in 1066 by William the Conqueror, England’s first Norman king, you can absorb nearly 1,000 years of history first-hand, from exploring medieval execution sites to taking a peek at the Royal Crown Jewels. And with dramatically recited tours from one of the Tower’s live-in Yeoman Warders, it’s a history lesson like no other.

The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Sex Pistols – the list of legendary bands that hail from London are seemingly endless. As one of the world’s music capitals, London offers a plethora of choices for music-lovers, whatever your taste. Whether exploring the guitar shops and recording studios once used by iconic rock and punk bands in Denmark Street or taking in the best of classical music at the London Symphony Orchestra, you are sure to find something that hits the right note.

The British Museum
Home to some of the world’s most incredible discoveries, the British Museum boasts a vast collection of artefacts from across the globe and is worth a visit for the building’s unusual architecture alone. With free admission throughout the year, it really is a must-see, particularly with world-famous artefacts such as the Rosetta Stone, an ancient Egyptian decree from 196 BC, or superbly-preserved Greek marble Parthenon Sculptures. The British Museum has the ability to quench anyone’s thirst for knowledge.

London Eye
Nestled in the very heart of the city and reaching over 400 feet in height, London’s giant Ferris wheel presents a unique perspective of the capital. Much like New York’s Empire State building or Paris’s Eiffel Tower, the iconic London Eye attracts tourists both for its extraordinary appearance and unobstructed city views. Board one of the wheel’s capsules at night for a remarkable look of the city’s skyline and twinkling lights.

Iconic landmarks
If time is short, find yourself a whistle-stop tour of the city to cross off all of London’s most iconic landmarks. Whether you choose to go with the famous double-decker red buses or take a leisurely cruise down the Thames, everyone visiting the capital should take a look at its most famous offerings. The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Shakespeare Globe and Tower Bridge – all are world-renowned sights that are well worth at least a passing look while you are in the city.