The Best FIFA Football Awards™

Monday 24 September 2018, London

The Best FIFA Football Awards™

Less than 24 hours left to vote


The deadline to vote for some of The Best FIFA Football Awards™ is fast approaching, so make sure you don't miss out by making your selection count. 

You can vote for The Best FIFA Men's and Women's Player and Coach awards until 00:00 CET tonight, as 7 September turns into the 8th. This is the same for all those voting: you, the fans, as well as national team coaches, national team captains and selected media from around the globe.

Make sure you join in with the key stakeholders from across the world of football by making your choice. If you don't vote before midnight, you won't have a chance to have your say on these categories until next year's awards!

It's so simple to cast your vote. Just register as a Club member - if you haven't already - and head to the below pages to make your choice:

The Best Men’s Player 2017

The Best Women’s Player 2017

The Best Men’s Coach 2017

The Best Women’s Coach 2017

Happy voting, and don't delay! 

*Note: The period to be taken into consideration when voting for The Best FIFA Football Awards - for Men's Player and Coaches - is **20 November 2016 to 2 July 2017**.*

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