Launch of FIFA Innovation Programme

The FIFA Innovation Programme is a new initiative that aims at dealing with innovative products that enter the market but are not ready for use in the game of football. These may include new products brought to the market by start-ups or variations of existing products that do not meet existing standards and requirements due to their innovative nature.

The most notable challenge that has arisen with the development of technologies and the multiplication of football specific products being offered to the market, is the gap that FIFA faces between the stage of product idea and prototype and meeting a global standard. The FIFA Innovation Programme aims at bridging this gap by generating knowledge and informing about potential changes to existing regulations or standards. It is designed with the purpose of interacting in a structured and mutually beneficial manner with the various providers of new products and innovative solutions that are not yet ready for the market. 

Launch of the FIFA Innovation Programme 1

In contrast to many open innovation spaces or innovation centres, the FIFA Innovation Programme is structured in a manner that

  1. a concrete need, objective & clear criteria set out by FIFA must be met;


  2. a measurable output is required within a period of two years (subject to exceptional extension at FIFA’s discretion) after which the individual project is terminated and


  3. a supporting Member Association, competition organizer or club is required to back the project.


A product that has proven its worth will be made eligible for certification under the FIFA Quality Programme, while products that showed no merit will be removed from this Programme. An additional procedure applies to those innovations that have a direct impact on the game and/or the Laws of the Game: a formal written approval of the project is required from The IFAB at the beginning and any outcome of the FIFA Innovation Programme is subject to a positive decision by The IFAB once the project concludes.

Launch of the FIFA Innovation Programme 2

With the launch of the FIFA Innovation Programme, we are proud to announce the new official mark. The below mark will be used in connection with the Programme going forward to make it globally recognisable when relating to this new initiative.

Launch of the FIFA Innovation Programme 3

Upon fulfilling the requirements set out above and following due diligence and stringent application criteria, providers can become “FIFA Innovation Programme Member” for the agreed duration of the respective challenge. The below official mark may be used by the member in conjunction with the selected product as long as the project is ongoing.

Launch of the FIFA Innovation Programme 4