Help FIFA improve understanding of the game through research

The FIFA 2.0 Vision outlines FIFA’s objectives for the development of football and the football experience over the next years. One of the pillars of this strategy is leveraging technology and generating knowledge that will help to improve the game of football at all levels.

The FIFA Football Technology & Innovation subdivision is therefore keen to engage with the research community to help solve these challenges.

The Football Technology & Innovation subdivision has four well-defined areas (see below) of collaboration with football stakeholders, industry as well as research & test institutes. The increasing scope of the FIFA Quality Programme and the potential role that new technologies can play in improving the game directly or indirectly (through new means of assessing or quantifying the game) open up a number of avenues that FIFA is interested in exploring with the research community.

Game Analysis Technologies 

  • Player and ball tracking technology

  • Other technologies & data solutions

Refereeing Technologies 

  • Virtual Offside Lines

  • Video Assistant Refereeing technology

  • Goal Line Technology

Football Equipment 

  • Footballs

  • Goals

  • Wearable technology

Playing Surfaces 

  • Artificial, natural and hybrid surfaces

  • Futsal surfaces


Any research institute that believes it can contribute to generating relevant knowledge in these four areas and can help to improve the game or game experience through innovative studies is invited to share its well-outlined proposal in accordance with FIFA’s research scheme guidelines. Proposals that show merit for solving some of football’s research problems are eligible for contributions.

Each project should result in a journal submission to the Topical Collection on Football research at this link where FIFA is looking to consolidate and publish all know-how generated around existing, potential and new products or technologies that can impact the game.

(FIFA 2.0 Vision)