1GOAL is an ambitious campaign in the field of education that will change the lives of children living in poverty. FIFA considers this campaign to be key to achieving a pledge made by world leaders in 2000: education for all children on earth.

In 2000, in an unprecedented effort, the political leaders of all the world's countries and the heads of leading development institutions came together to adopt the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals and committed to meet the needs of the poorest and provide all children with an education by 2015. Since then, and because governments and people have taken action, 40 million more children worldwide are now going to school. Yet, today, 75 million children around the world are still being denied the chance of an education.

1GOAL is a campaign to mobilise public support to hold governments to their promises and enable every child to be learning in class by 2015. 1GOAL is part of a major global education initiative: the Class of 2015. The Class of 2015 was launched at the UN summit in New York in September 2008. Class of 2015 launch signatories include Bono, Sir Bob Geldof, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, European Union Commission President José Manuel Barroso, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Queen Rania of Jordan.

FIFA has joined the Class of 2015 and supports the 1GOAL campaign with a pledge from FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter to leave a lasting legacy of education in Africa and the rest of the world. FIFA supports the 1GOAL campaign and the aim of providing all children worldwide with primary schooling. Education is also a central element of the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, "20 Centres for 2010".

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter: "FIFA strives to improve the game of football constantly and to promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes. By supporting 1GOAL and through our '20 Centres for 2010' campaign, we will contribute to attaining education for all."

"20 Centres for 2010" is the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, which aims to build 20 Football for Hope community centres in South Africa, Mali, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Namibia and other still-to-be-determined locations across Africa. The centres will address local social challenges in disadvantaged areas and improve education and health services for young people. They will include rooms for public health services and informal education, office space, common space for community gatherings and a football turf pitch.

In 2010, the eyes of the world will be on Africa, and football will be the most popular topic of conversation as teams from every continent compete to secure the trophy. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and its social projects in Africa, FIFA is committed to contributing to education in Africa, raising awareness of challenges and needs and leaving a lasting legacy long after the final whistle.

The 1GOAL campaign was officially launched at Wembley Stadium in London today in the presence of Queen Rania of Jordan, former England international Gary Lineker, Aaron Mokoena (captain of South Africa's national team), Arsenal defender Mikaël Silvestre and Federico Addiechi (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at FIFA), among others.