Once again in 2008, FIFA is calling on football fans around the globe to unite on 21 September to celebrate the 12th FIFA Fair Play Day, a day which coincides with the United Nations' International Day of Peace.

"I am delighted to see fair play celebrated on this day because promoting sportsmanship is synonymous with promoting ethical values, a subject close to my heart. Football may teach us to win, but it also teaches us how to accept defeat with dignity. It teaches us to respect the rules of the game, and also to respect our opponents, our team-mates, the referee and the spectators. Football rejects doping, corruption, racism and violence and promotes healthy values," said FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter.

FIFA has invited all of its 208 member associations to celebrate this day by highlighting the values of fair play. FIFA is highly committed to these values and, at its various competitions, honours teams whose sportsmanship is impeccable with the FIFA Fair Play Trophy, as well as with various medals, diplomas and a cheque for the purchase of adidas equipment for youth teams.

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