Basic Information

  • Founded in: 2004
  • Located in: Kabul/Parwan, Afghanistan

Short Description:
Learn and Play was established in Afghanistan as part of a greater effort towards the overall reconstruction of the country after a 20-year period of armed conflict and general chaos. Set up and run by German-based organization Afghanistan Hilfe Paderborn e.V, the programme helps war-torn youth stay away from violence and drugs, providing education through football. The organisation, a streetfootballworld network member since 2004, functions based on the motto 'Learn first, Play second''.

Target Group:
Boys and girls 8-12 y/o 'whose youth ought to be forgotten'.
Requirement: commitment to school, interest in football.

Thematic Field(s):

  • Education
  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Violence/Drug Abuse prevention

Support in the Framework of the Football for Hope Movement:
Football for Hope is supporting educational opportunities for children in Kabul. The children have to agree with their supervisors to attend school for five years. In a safe environment, they learn reading, writing and arithmetic as well as at least one foreign language and computer skills. In addition, four times a week the students have two hours of football practice or are taught another type of ball sport. The aim of these games is to get the children to renounce life on the streets and the begging, crime and drugs associated with it. Students above the age of 12 can also complete a technical training programme to learn a skill that is useful for rebuilding the country and communities. The goal of this five-year project is to give roughly 800 students a basic education. Three educational centres are being constructed to fulfil this goal.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Ali Askar Lali
Address: Sommerseller Weg 4
Postal Code: 33100
City: Paderborn
Country: Germany
Telephone: 0049 (0)176 23396445, 0093 (0)70 203577