Basic Information

  • Founded in: 2001
  • Located in: Bogota/Cauca/Cartagena, Colombia

Short Description:
The programme, a member of the streetfootballworld network since 2005, active in some of the poorest and most violent parts in Colombia, seeks to promote a positive lifestyle for poor and/or displaced children, away from drug abuse and violence and based on peaceful resolution of issues. Kids participating must be enrolled in and attending school. As the directors of the programme meaningfully say, "We speak football when addressing our critical issues. And children listen. That's how we connect with them"

Target Group:
Boys/girls 6-18 y/o affected by violence and extreme poverty.

Thematic Field(s):

  • Children's Rights
  • Anti-discrimination and Social Integration
  • Peace and Reconciliation

Support in the Framework of the Football for Hope Movement:
In 2005, following the success of the first two programmes in Bogota and Cauce, Football for Hope supported the establishment of a new Goals for a Better Life Programme in Cartagena. The programme consists of 10 phases, including the definition of the recipients, ensuring administrative resources/trainers and implementation of the actual football and educational activities.

Contact Details:
Name: Maria Elvira Garavito
Address: Calle 71 C Bis No. 27 B 11 Sur, Barrio El Paraiso, Ciudad Bolivar
Ciudad: Bogota
Country: Colombia
Phone: (571) 792-5457/8