Basic Information:

  • Founded in: 2005
  • Located in: Asunción, Paraguay

Short Description:
In 2005 the Centre for the Development of Intelligence, an exclusive private school in the Paraguayan capital Asunción, decided to take their methods to the streets. Every Saturday, CDI invites the stars of the classroom to kick it around with the stars of the football pitch - often from the poorest neighbourhoods of the South American capital.
Subscribing to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, CDI is creating football venues throughout Paraguay for the sharing of every kind of intelligence. The football pitch is the perfect place to learn skills like emotional discipline and confidence within a team. Through its activities, the streetfootballworld network member (since 2005) addresses segregation along both economic and educational lines within Paraguay.

CDI also offers capacity-building exercises for the parents of the youth; supported by donations of goods and services from the Asunción community. They are encouraged to build the emotional and spiritual intelligence of their children and end the apparent deterioration of social and family life. Every Saturday's football tournament is a testament to their good work and provides a feeling of common achievement.

Target Group:

  • Disadvantaged youths from Asunción's poorest districts
  • Children out of school

Thematic Fields:

  • Children's Rights and Education
  • Health
  • Anti-Descrimination and Social Integration

Support in the Framework of the Football for Hope Movement:
The Football for Hope supported project aims at promoting the system "Partidí" that uses the "fútbol callejero" (street football) methodology in at least 10 communities in Paraguay. Through this methodology, which is based on mutually agreed rules and played without a referee, peaceful conflict solution and dialogue are promoted.

CDI is working with organisations in 10 target communities that are responsible for the implementation of the programme. Workshops covering theoretical and practical topics are being held to build capacity among CDI staff and the reference organisations. Following the training process, street football leagues will be initiated in each of the 10 communities.

In 2006, Football for Hope supported the coaching exchange between CDI and its Argentine counterpart in the South American Street Football Network, Defensores del Chaco. In 2007, Football for Hope supported CDI in the organisation of the II Encuentro Sudamericano de Fútbol Callejero.

Contact Details:
Organisation: Center for the Development of Intelligence/CDI
Name: Luis Ramirez
Address: Avenida Bernardino Caballero No. 261
City/Country: Asunción, Paraguay
Tel: +595-21-204545