The Untold Story The World Should Know

FIFA’s compelling and moving television series Football’s Untold Story highlights the significance of football in a wider context, as a source of hope and an instrument of positive change in the world today.

The current FIFA World Cup™ is the public face of football – the focus of a billion fans and the pinnacle of the world game. But behind the hype and the headlines, there is another side to football. Just as powerful; even more universal.

On the streets; on the beach; on dusty pitches; in the shadow of Mount Everest; on the roof of an orphanage in Calcutta. In squalid squatter settlements outside Bogota; under the highway in Bangkok. In devastated Bandah Aceh. In all these places, football is, without any exaggeration, helping people to change their lives.

Football is educating children about HIV/AIDS and the dangers of landmines. It is helping people with learning difficulties integrate into society. Football is bringing together Palestinian and Israeli children for training and peace education.  It is helping to educate and empower women in Mali to challenge a limited place in society. It is encouraging prisoners to reform; it is being used as a gateway to education and a way of dispelling prejudice and ignorance.

These – and many other – stories are now being told, with the support of talented directors and award-winning cameramen, who have travelled the world in search heart-warming human stories about the game loved by millions.

Football’s Untold Story consists of 36 episodes filmed in many different parts of the world, including Mali, Palestine, Israel and Iraq.  The first series (26 episodes filmed in 24 countries) is also still available.

A number of the stories look at the remarkable work being done in the name of Football for Hope, the global umbrella movement founded in 2005, when FIFA teamed up with streetfootballworld to help fund and support organisations that use the game to tackle social challenges. Some stories focus on the work that FIFA does to develop and protect the game, whilst others simply look at the incredible power of football and the role it plays in people’s lives.

FIFA’s support of Football’s Untold Story reflects its wider role, which goes beyond football development to social and human development through football.

Football is hope.  This is the untold story – the truth at the heart of the beautiful game.