FIFA has decided to help finance a project to combat cholera in Mozambique, one of the countries worst affected by this scourge.

Last year, a new epidemic ravaged the country, especially in the provinces of Sofala and Gaza. The World Health Organization (WHO), backed by the Mozambique Ministry of Health, Doctors without Borders, Epicentre and the International Vaccination Centre, has therefore decided to launch a campaign with twin objectives: firstly, to bring the epidemic under control by intensifying standard precautionary measures and giving patients suitable treatment so as to reduce the mortality rate, and secondly to dispense oral vaccines to people to prevent a subsequent epidemic.

“Football has a social goal, and giving support to humanitarian action is entirely compatible with this aim. I am delighted that FIFA can rely on such a competent global organisation as WHO to go to the aid of a people in dire need of help,” commented FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter.

FIFA’s contribution to this campaign amounts to CHF 200,000. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Football Association of Mozambique are also involved in the project. FIFA’s financial contribution comes from its Humanitarian Support Fund. This fund has an annual budget of CHF 2 million. The projects that receive money from the support fund are selected by the FIFA Finance Committee, chaired by FIFA Senior Vice-President Julio H. Grondona (Argentina).

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