The inaugural meeting of the board and curatorship of the Daniel Nivel Foundation was held at FIFA House in Zurich on 10 October 2000. The Foundation's purpose is to carry out research on violence in football, to take preventive measures to curb violence and to lend assistance to its victims.

French policeman Daniel Nivel who was brutally beaten up by hooligans during the 1998 France FIFA World Cup™ is still suffering from the physical and mental after-effects of this savage attack. In the wake of this tragic incident the President of the German FA Egidius Braun conceived the idea of forming a foundation to take up the struggle against violence in football and to help those who fall prey to it.

The Daniel Nivel Foundation was legally established on 3 August 2000 and formally listed in the Commercial Register of the demicanton of Basel-City. The headquarters of the Foundation are in Basel. The founders are FIFA, UEFA, the French Football Association (FFF), the German Football Association (DFB) and the DFB Sports Aid Society. Daniel Nivel and his family have expressed their pleasure at the establishment of this Foundation. Daniel Nivel has also endorsed the Foundation being named after him.

The Foundation has a capital of DEM 1.55 million, which it is intended to use to fund research on violence in football, to curb violence through adequate preventive measures and to provide assistance to its hapless victims. FIFA, UEFA and the relevant national associations have announced their intention to pay regular contributions into the Foundation in the future, for example out of the revenue from charity matches.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter is the Chairman of the Board of the Daniel Nivel Foundation. At the first meeting, which took place at FIFA House on 10 October 2000, he expressed satisfaction about the establishment of this institution and said how glad he was for Egidius Braun that his idea had now become reality. Blatter also stressed the necessity for commitment in the struggle to eradicate violence in football, adding that the Foundation members would strive to cultivate close relations with Daniel Nivel and his family.

Apart from Joseph Blatter, the Foundation Board comprises Egidius Braun (DFB President) as deputy-chairman, Michel Zen-Ruffinen (FIFA General Secretary), Theo Zwanziger (President of the DFB Sports Aid Society), Gerhard Aigner (UEFA General Director), Paul le Hesran (FFF General Secretary) and Horst Rudolf Schmidt (DFB General Secretary). The members of the curatorship are Lennart Johansson (UEFA President and FIFA Vice President) as Chairman, Claude Simonet (FFF President) as Deputy-Chairman, Urs Linsi (FIFA Finance Director), Hanspeter Jenni (UEFA Finance Director), Karl Schmidt (DFB Treasurer) and Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder (DFB Vice-President).