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  • FIFA Clearing House (“FCH”) SAS, 4 rue Royale, 75008 Paris.

  • Email :

  • Director and Head of Publication : Frans Van Proosdij

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FCH, a société par actions simplifiée (SAS) with a capital of €125,000.00, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 908 028 715 R.C.S, is a Payment Institution authorised by the ACPR, located at 4 rue Royale, 75008 Paris. IBC: 17558.

Complaints handling

  • Complaints (disputes, rights of objection, access and rectification) can be filed :

    • by email at the following address :

    • or by mail at the following address : FIFA Clearing House, 4, rue Royale, 75008 Paris, FRANCE.

In accordance with ACPR recommendation 2022-R-01 dated 9 May 2022, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent by FCH within a maximum period of ten (10) days. Complaints are processed within a maximum of two (2) months from receipt of the complaint.

FIFA Reporting Portal

At FCH, promoting integrity is of a great importance. If you are an employee, candidate to a job, an external partner, a club or a club’s representative and you would like to report a crime or an offense, a breach of law, regulation, European Union law or unilateral act by an international organization, we invite you to raise your concern on the dedicated secure and web-based reporting portal. The report must refer to facts related to FCH’s activities that are have already occurred or are likely to occur.

All concerns raised will be handled confidentially and any person who raises concerns about potential misconduct in good faith will be protected against any form of retaliation.

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