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Recovery Programme

Recovery programme


The purpose of this programme is to provide world-wide financial support for the recovery and reconstruction of football and other sports infrastructure damaged or destroyed by natural disaster.

Application for Funding by Member Associations

Affected Member Associations may, on behalf of themselves or of any other local sport entities in their country, apply for funding for the recovery and reconstruction of damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure in their country. Applications for funding must be sent to the FIFA Foundation Secretariat and must include, as a minimum, the following information and documents:

  • Budget proposal, including list of other sources of funding (governmental or local funding, foundations, private donations, Member Association, etc.);

  • Application form including preliminary schedule and detail of recovery and reconstruction needs;

  • Proof of damages (e.g. pictures).

Upon such applications, the Foundation Secretariat may decide, if deemed necessary, to assemble a delegation composed of experts in humanitarian aid and of the affected region, representatives of the FIFA Foundation, representatives of the FIFA Members Association Department, of the FIFA member association concerned, of the Confederation the relevant member association is affiliated to and/or of any other appropriate third parties. Such delegation shall be tasked with traveling to the area concerned, conducting a preliminary assessment of the damage caused and determining the work necessary in order for the football activities to be resumed as soon as possible.

The delegation may be assisted in its activities by the appropriate regional FIFA development office.


Based on the application form as well as the assessment conducted by the delegation during its mission, the Foundation Board decides immediately on the matter of granting financial aid as well as on its nature, volume and payment terms. Granting of financial aid is subject to compliance of the FIFA Foundation with any possibly existing sanctions, export control policies and similar restrictions. The Foundation Board may delegate such decision to several (at least two) of its members or to the Foundation Secretariat.

The decision of the Foundation Board is final. There is no legal claim to support by the Foundation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Foundation Secretariat shall monitor whether support is used in accordance with the relevant application. As a general rule, funds shall be used by the member associations optimally, in order to avoid redundancies. Applicants are obligated to provide the Foundation with information on the use of the funding at any time.

In addition, all organisations supported by the FIFA Foundation are required to submit interim as well as a final activity and financial reports reporting on the use of the granted funds.

Immediate Relief

In cases of particular urgency, and upon a corresponding application by the Member Association concerned, the FIFA Foundation Secretariat may grant financial aid up to a maximum amount of USD 50.000 per disaster incident and Member Association. Applications for immediate relief must be sent to the FIFA Foundation Secretariat and must include the following information and documents:

  • Application form including details of the need for immediate relief;

  • Reasons outlining the particular urgency;

  • Proof of damages (e.g. pictures).

Granting of immediate relief is subject to compliance of the FIFA Foundation with any possibly existing sanctions, export control policies and similar restrictions. The Foundation Secretariat shall inform the Foundation Board of any immediate relief granted under this provision. Based on an assessment of such grants, the Foundation Board shall examine whether it becomes necessary to issue more specific guidelines for granting immediate relief.

Process of Application by MA

The application shall contain:

  • Budget Proposal (including a list of any other sources of funding);

  • Application form

  • Proof of Damages (e.g. Pictures)

  • Detailed description of the project and an indication whether the MA is applying on behalf of itself or of any other local sport entity

  • Comprehensive and detailed building/infrastructure description, which shall include all necessary information and documents (including the types of materials to be used) needed to understand in detail what will be built, fitted or installed;

  • Detailed plans, drawings and technical/building specifications. Whenever relevant, such documents should also contain information on the plumbing, electrification, ventilation, etc., of the building/infrastructure to be built;

  • Costs schedule containing a detailed cost description of each of the items/elements to be built/installed and stating how much each step shall cost;

  • Information on the sub-contractors;

  • Works schedule explaining in detail how much time each step of the project shall take;

  • Payment schedule (to be based on the achievement and approval of specific milestones);

  • Land document (see appendix for further details)

  • Procurement (requirements as per Forward 2.0 regulations to be applied)

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