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Once a year, the FIFA Foundation invites well established non-profit entities to apply for project funding in order to use football as a tool to address social issues impacting youths, such as education, health, peacebuilding, refugees, leadership and gender equality. All projects supported in the context of the FIFA Foundation Community Programme contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to be invited to the Call for Proposals, organisations have to successfully complete the eligibility process, ensuring that they meet the mandatory criteria listed below.

Eligibility criteria:

  • be a legal and registered entity with non-governmental status (NGO, CBO, charity, etc.) in the country in which activities are implemented;

  • be politically and religiously independent and not-for-profit;

  • use football to address social issues and provide development opportunities for vulnerable people;

  • be direct implementers of on-going, regular, well-established programmes. Key programmes must be offered regularly and with a high frequency and must have been running for at least 1 year;

  • be non-discriminatory in any way (social, ethnic, religious, financial, gender-based etc.);

  • talent development must not play any role neither in the activities nor in the selection of participants;

  • have transparent practices in place with regard to accounting, administration and governance;

  • be financially sustainable and have a long-term approach;

  • have a child protection policy in place.


Proposals can only be submitted via e-mail to: The e-mail may not exceed 10MB. If you’d like to send material that exceeds this size, please notify the FIFA Foundation Secretariat in advance and use a file sharing option (e.g. Wetransfer). Please note that only complete applications received by the given deadline will be considered and evaluated. We urge each organisation to fill out the application documents as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Please name the documents in a way that we can easily identify them as what they are (e.g. application form, budget, manual, M&E report, etc.).


  • The FIFA Foundation Community Programme is a very competitive process. Please make sure to carefully read all application guidelines and instructions to submit a complete and detailed proposal.

  • Given the high number of eligible organisations, a balanced spread of supported projects per country will be taken into consideration in the evaluation process in addition to the quality of proposals.

  • Applicants who operate in more than one region can submit a maximum of two proposals (in two different regions according to FIFA Confederations);

  • Proposals can only cover the implementation of programmes in one country.

  • The indicated bank account has to be registered to your organisation, not an individual person. In addition, the indicated bank has to be located in the country you provide as your address (same country information in the application forms).

  • In the application phase 2022, strong emphasis will be put on the potential impact of your proposed programmes. Please make sure to elaborate the respective sections in the application form in detail.

  • Proposals including Train-the-Trainer elements will only be considered if the beneficiaries are participants of your own organisation or participants of organisations which are part of the FIFA Foundation community.

  • The use of the terms “partner”,”partnership” and “cooperation” is reserved to describe FIFA’s relationship with its official partners (adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai/Kia, Visa, Wanda Group, Qatar Airways). In the context of FIFA Foundation, the terms “supporter” and ”support” or “collaboration” and “collaborator” should be used instead.

Financial guidelines

  • Applicants to the FIFA Foundation Community Programme can apply for funding generally covering 12 month. Maximum funding available is 40,000 USD.

  • Applicants who have already implemented programmes funded by FIFA in the past can apply for funding covering 12 months, starting 1 January 2022 and finishing 31 December 2022; the maximum funding amount available for these 12 months is 40,000 USD.

  • apply for a new country of programme implementation, where your programmes have not been supported by FIFA before; the maximum funding amount available is 30,000 USD for a period of 12 months, starting 1 January 2022 and finishing 31 December 2022.

PLEASE NOTE that these amounts are the maximum funding amounts available. However to increase the probability of being successful with your proposal, it is highly recommended to tailor the requested amount to the actual needs of the programme, as well as the financial capacity of your organisation (in terms of financial stability, annual turnover, and amount of confirmed matching funds) as the feasibility of your proposal will be taken into consideration in the evaluation process.

  • The requested amount of FIFA Foundation funds has to be matched with at least the same amount of funds from other income sources than FIFA Foundation.

  • Please note that at least 50% of the requested matching funds need to be financial resources. The other 50% of the requested matching funds can be matched with value in kind (VIK), i.e. non-financial resources such as recently donated material and equipment which will be used in the framework of the proposed activities; infrastructure that you own and which you do not have to rent for running your project; pro bono human resources which reduce your HR costs for the project; etc. In the “in kind” columns of the budget, please list the costs which you save by using the VIK (e.g. list the rental costs that you save by owning a pitch). Also, please make sure to explain in the comments section why this VIK is relevant for the activities which you propose.

  • FIFA Foundation funds can be used to cover a wide range of costs, including human resources; office costs; costs for the implementation of programmes, projects, new initiatives, events and workshops; etc., but may not be transferred to third parties for programme implementation.

  • Human Resources costs covered by FIFA Foundation funds must be matched with 100% funds from other income sources (of which max. 50% can be VIK) as detailed in the budget template.

  • A maximum of 10% of FIFA Foundation funds can be spent on infrastructure and related costs (infrastructure projects; rent; maintenance; etc).

  • A maximum of 10% of FIFA Foundation funds can be spent on equipment/material. This includes all equipment/material costs related to regular programme activities, e.g. training equipment, nutrition, pens and paper.

  • A maximum of 30% of FIFA Foundation funds can be spent on events/workshops/meetings. This limitation should be reflected in the project description as well, i.e. an event or tournament should not be the main focus of the proposal. Only costs related to once-off activities should be listed here. Costs for workshops, meetings, or educational sessions as part of the regular on-going activities should be listed under the respective sections Administration, transport, infrastructure, equipment/material.

  • A minimum of 5% of the total FIFA Foundation funds as outlined in your budget have to be allocated to monitoring and evaluation purposes. Please clearly indicate in the application form how you plan to use those funds.


The evaluation criteria include formal aspects regarding the completeness and clarity of the proposal, as well as an assessment of:

  • the organisational strength and sustainability of the applying organisation;

  • the feasibility of the proposed programmes and activities achieving the stated objectives;

  • the potential impact of the proposed programmes and activities, and their planned monitoring and evaluation;

  • the potential contribution to the field of development through football;

  • the accuracy of the proposed budget and how well it reflects the proposed activities.

For those organisations that have received funding from FIFA in the past, the timely submission and quality of interim and final reports will also be considered in the evaluation.

Reporting requirements

Should your organisation receive FIFA Foundation funding you will be required to submit an interim as well as a final activity and financial reports. Please note that you will have to submit audited accounts at the end of the funding period, together with your narrative and financial final reports. The following documents are valid as audited accounts:

  • organisational audits, provided they clearly list the FIFA Foundation funds; or

  • the final financial report (on the FIFA Foundation template provided at the end of the funding period) which is stamped and signed by an external certified accountant, who approves (on an accompanying letter) the information on income and expenditures, as well as the accuracy of financial documentation and receipts.

Any costs which might occur in relation to this audit can be included in the proposed budget.

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