"Zlatan is unique – he's the only player in the world who measures 1.96 metres, has the technique of Lionel Messi, the character of Muhammad Ali, and the strength of Mike Tyson.”
Mino Raiola

"It's like comparing a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Cristiano dismantles you if you give him just a little bit of space, and Messi creates a chance with even less space.”
Shkrodan Mustafi

“People are too worried about me. They don’t know what my happiness is. My happiness, first of all, is when I compare myself with the others. I see just a few that are with me in terms of success. I see a huge difference, a huge distance between us. In the Premier League, who is European champion? Me and Van Gaal. In the Premier League, how many have won the Premier League twice or more than twice? Mr Wenger and myself. How many won every competition in this country? Community Shield, Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Premier League? How many? How many? You go to Europe, how many won seven league titles? How many won two Champions Leagues? Ancelotti wins three, Van Gaal two and Pep [Guardiola] has two. I would not be content with that.”
Jose Mourinho



"In 15 years I've never seen a [good] referee in this s**t country. It doesn't even deserve PSG.”
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"It was like swimming with wet clothes on.”
Fernando Torres on his time at Chelsea

"Maybe the obsession with Messi is affecting him. Messi motivates his team-mates and if Ronaldo doesn't score, it affects his team. Messi is at the level of Pele, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff, and what annoys Cristiano is that he is only compared to Messi. I shouldn’t be compared to Cristiano.

Let´s see if Cristiano wins the titles I won. If he wins the Golden Boot at the World Cup or European Cup and then we can discuss it.”
Hristo Stoichkov

“Shinji is like the sausage in a sandwich. He is someone who moves so well in the most difficult areas of the pitch.”
Jurgen Klopp on Shinji Kagawa



“I wanted to quit a couple of months ago. I’d just had enough, but my wife got pretty angry with me. She got really stuck into me because she thought I was taking the easy way out. I pretty much [moved to Wellington Phoenix] for them. She said you pretty much owe us that, because she’s been travelling with me for about 15 years now around the world. And she was spot on. It’s funny how this old game works.”
Joel Griffiths, the in-form attacker, on being persuaded against retirement

“Playing with Messi is like playing with a living, breathing legend. Everybody else who plays is controlled by football, but Messi truly controls the game.”
Javier Mascherano

“I would like to recommend to those who come to Manchester a visit to the Whitworth Art Gallery. I went there a few days ago and I was really surprised by some of Cai Guo-Qiang’s works and his drawing technique using gunpowder. Overall this is a very interesting and well-designed museum."

Juan Mata