"I think we’ve been brainwashed by the [idea that] the Premier League is the best league in the world. Nonsense. It’s the best brand, but we’ve seen over the last few weeks with a lot of the English teams struggling that these teams have fallen behind the top teams in Europe; [Manchester] United in particular."
Roy Keane

"I fought and tussled with Ramos. If I have to hit him, I'll hit him. If he has to hit me, he'll hit me, but always in a loyal way, always within the bounds of the game.”
Diego Costa on his feud with Sergio Ramos

"He combines quality and hard work in an unparalleled way. It's no coincidence we're writing this success story now and we show the necessary respect to every opponent. I've never heard Pep utter a single arrogant word. That really pleases me and that struck me in his time at Barcelona. Our popularity has never been so high before. That's also down to Pep."
Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Pep Guardiola

"The level of this team is so high that the Davids of times gone by wouldn’t even have been on the bench. There’s a great balance in this group: players like [Arturo] Vidal and [Paul] Pogba make a fine contribution.”
Edgar Davids on the current Juventus team

“It was a case of survival at its most extreme. The most important thing was to eat and make sure you didn’t die of cold. You don’t know if you’re ever going to go back and it was vital to live from day to day, trying to get hold of food and washing your clothes and all that. You’re thrown into a lot of situations in which you just try to survive and keep your spirits up. You have to keep your head together and stop the situation you’re in from killing you.”
Independiente coach Omar De Felippe remembers his life as a soldier in an interview with FIFA.com

"I believe Zidane is preparing to train France. He won't spend much time as the number two at Real Madrid. With all of his experience, he can train any team."
Ronaldo on Zinedine Zidane’s next career move

“He played a massive part in convincing me to stay. He didn't talk about me, or through me, in the press, but in person. In those moments I forgot that he was 'world football great Gerrard', a Liverpool legend, but as a humble person who spoke to me with all his heart for hours. He said I was the best forward he'd ever played with, which given the amazing strikers that he's played with at Liverpool, was amazing for me to hear. I'll never forget that.”
Luis Suarez on Steven Gerrard

"If there’s any player that carries the weight of the team on his shoulders, it’s Leo Messi. If more has to be asked of him, then three times as much has to be asked of us. Leo has been the most consistent player in world football.”
Cesc Fabregas

"To coach Real Madrid within about ten years is a dream that I have."
Roberto Carlos

“You can apply many football metaphors to everyday life. I’ve got a lot of friends who only express themselves using football analogies, one of whom does it all the time. The good thing about it is that like any match with a time limit, you experience things that require a much longer process in real life. Nevertheless, you’ve got to play them out in an hour and a half, so in that sense it’s as a great source of drama.”
Argentinian director Juan Jose Campanella talking to FIFA.com

"Our philosophy when I was there was very simple. He educated us to hate losing. Sometimes, in training, you could play three or four games of five minutes without a goal. Everyone was so concentrated. When you conceded a goal, you could see [John Terry] shouting and kicking the post, like he was losing a very important game. It was only training; imagine when you have that spirit in a Premier League or a Champions League game. We refused to lose."
Didier Drogba on Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea

“It’s basically a very attractive proposition. I’m very happy living in Germany, I think it’s a fantastic country and the people are pretty cool. If they were enthusiastic about me taking on the national team at some point I’d obviously think it over."
Jurgen Klopp on becoming a national coach in an interview with FIFA.com