Quezon City is the richest conurbation in the Philippines, but grinding poverty is the order of the day in certain districts, afflicting the very youngest members of society harder than most.

Payatas is one of the poor suburbs, but it is also a place where football has taken on a vital role in injecting new hope and optimism into the lives of local youths. Payatas FC is a football club founded by two English nationals, devoted to helping the weakest members of the community.

Boys and girls seize the opportunity to play football and futsal, escaping the toughness of life on the streets of the big city at least for a time. The club also functions as an academy of sorts for the Philippine association - one of the girls has made it as far as her country’s U-14 national team - but the club is also showing at the local level that talent and ambition are far more important in football than background and origins.

We present a story demonstrating once again the power of football to open up new horizons in places where hope is a rare commodity.