FIFA competitions are always preceded by exhilarating, enrapturing opening ceremonies. And when the 2013 edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was awarded to Tahiti, its Local Organising Committee knew they would put on a show that, even by FIFA tournaments’ exceedingly high standards, would wow the watching world.

Dance is, after all, a huge part of Tahitian culture – and, my word, do they know how to shake their hips at hypersonic speed! Anybody who witnessed the performance the hugely talented Hei Tahiti group put on at the Welcome Ceremony before Tahiti’s recent warm-up friendly against Australia – as seen in the above photo – know they are in for an absolute treat during the tournament, which kicks off on Wednesday.

The 'ote'a is a Tahitian dance that existed in pre-European times. It is performed to drum-based music, without signing.