Over ten years ago, a spur-of-the-moment idea between two friends led to the foundation of Defensores del Chaco in Buenos Aires, an institution that to this day uses football to help disadvantaged youngsters in the Argentinian capital. 

What started out as an informal meeting on a street corner has since become a huge project that has helped over 1,200 young players. 

Football is giving them the chance to escape poverty-stricken and, in some cases, violent living conditions. The most important rule of the initiative is that school attendance is a must if they want to play football. In this way, not only is the children's sporting development enhanced, but also their ability to interact in a social environment. 

The education is by no means limited to the participants however, as coaches and carers likewise learn new things on a daily basis through their work. Take a look for yourself in this Video of the Week.