"It went straight for me, so I blocked the ball with the palm of my left hand and the force, I suppose, reverberated up my arm and broke my wrist. [Watching] Real Madrid is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I watched the rest of the match, mostly in pain considering I still had the sling, and afterwards I then went to hospital. If I hadn't blocked it with the palm of my hand I would have no front teeth!
Charlie Silverwood, aged 11, on what a Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick did to him during Real’s friendly away to Bournemouth

"It’s true that I like to go out and buy new clothes, nice perfumes and hair products. I also shave my legs. I don’t see myself as a metrosexual, though. That was more something for Beckham, who was more stylish.”

"We were in the Premier League and full of ambition. My chief scout Bob Shaw and assistant manager Brian Horton went to watch Cavani, who was available at Palermo. They recommended him and we offered £2.5m. When it didn't happen, we switched to Negredo, who at the time was at Real Madrid. Cavani eventually went to Napoli and Negredo signed for Sevilla. Why didn't they come to Hull? The club was not big enough.”
Phil Brown on coming close to signing for Hull City players who have just joined Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City for mega-money

"I wanted to feel valued. During the summer I was very patient, waiting and waiting for Barça to make me an offer, but there comes a stopping point. Even though they knew I wanted to leave, nobody from the club got in contact to try and persuade me to stay.”
Thiago Alcantara on why he left Barcelona

"The players have incredible fitness levels – more so than ever. They are like hyenas in training!”
Jurgen Klopp on his Borussia Dortmund troops

“Barcelona have made one of the best signings of recent times. Not only because he is already one of the best in the world, alongside Messi, but also because he will continue to dominate for years to come. Neymar will leave Barça fans speechless. He could become an even better player than he was at the Confederations Cup. He is spectacular, courageous and possesses extraordinary skills. When you take into account the fact that he scores a lot of goals, you have an exceptional player. I remember when he was younger and he said in an interview that his idol was Rivaldo – what an honour!

“Why I became a Milan fan? I watched them when I was a kid. They had Gullit, Rijkaard, Van Basten and Maldini. Milan is always in my heart. I keep a Milan shirt and scarf in my locker room in Los Angeles and I look at them every day.”
Kobe Bryant, NBA superstar

"In the past, Lionel Messi was unable to play with Samuel Eto'o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. [Both times] Pep Guardiola had the best two strikers in Spain at his disposal, but it’s doesn’t always work. Messi and Neymar are two great players who score goals, but not all players can play together perfectly.”
Frank de Boer