"I don’t know if my equal at AC Milan (Mario Balotelli) has committed theft on a train, drove without headlights in the night, or constantly ran away and withdrew from the U-21 squad. These were the sins of my youth. I recently turned 27 and if I do certain things in Germany that I used to do, I'd get arrested immediately! I've always been against taxing diets. Once a Dinamo Zagreb coach saw me while I was eating a pizza and severely scolded me, saying I would get fat. In response, I ordered ten pizzas and managed to eat five!"
Mario Mandzukic

"Mourinho will be a disaster at Chelsea; he is not going to change at his age. I don't talk this way only because he was a rival, but also because how he acted and what he did. What kind of coach wins the Champions League twice and does not fly home on the same aeroplane as his players? A coach you would think he wants to celebrate with his players, enjoy the moment. Not him. He is thinking of himself."
Carles Vilarrubi, Barcelona vice-president

"I went to bed just before six and took the [Champions League] trophy with me. I had the trophy and my wife in bed with me last night!"
Franck Ribery

"Money is not enough to convince a wife. If she wants to sleep with someone else, then she will."
Aurelio De Laurentiis on Walter Mazzarri’s exit from Napoli

"He is the best player in the world. I would not sell him for €1 billion."
Florentino Perez on Cristiano Ronaldo

"I was young when my parents were told that I had the chance to join one of two clubs: Roma or Lazio. My mother chose Roma as she knew they were the team I supported. Had she chosen Lazio, I think I may have killed her! I was close to joining Real at one point, I wanted to sign for a big club so I could win things. Had I joined Real Madrid I’d have won three Champions Leagues, two Ballons d'Ors and many other titles. I’d have loved that chance, absolutely. But I’m glad I did make the decision I made, although I just wish I'd have won two or three more Scudetti."
Francesco Totti

"I want to become the best in the world and win the Ballon d'Or. But to do that I have to avoid being late for training and getting suspended. Spitting at Aronica? You shouldn’t do it, it's not nice."
Paul Pogba

"Cavani is an incredible player. He has done some amazing things with this Napoli team. Napoli aren't so good, but Cavani has raised them up to a different level. I think €63m is a fair figure for someone as good as Cavani. He is worth that sort of money."
Luis Suarez

"My parents told me they would no longer pay my bills, so I decided to sell my Playstation and buy a bus ticket so that I could take some trials."