“How much have I spent on coaches? Don’t make me do that calculation otherwise I’ll shoot myself.”
Maurizio Zamparini, the Palermo president

“In Palermo, coaches have to pay their landlords six months' payment in advance – they all know the way Zamparini works!”
Giuseppe Sannino

“He's a powerful and tough guy. It's rare to see a player like that who has such a good touch in front of goal. It is this combination of power and finesse that impresses me. He is like Marco van Basten, who I played with at Milan. He has the same style of play as him but with more physical power. We haven't had a goalscorer like him in France for a long time. He is on a different planet to anyone else."
Jean-Pierre Papin on Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“Whoever goes to play for Real will be in Ronaldo’s shadow, and whoever joins Barça will be overshadowed by Messi. So I prefer to be captain of Manchester City. I am convinced that I can win just as many honours with City as I could with Barcelona or Real Madrid.”
Vincent Kompany

"I understand perfectly why Alex is still in the job, and I think I will be the same. I love football so much, I love coaching so much. I will still be very young when I become 50 and I believe I have a lot in front of me. Fifty is a number with a certain impact - it's a number I believe sometimes has a psychologically negative impact on many people because they realise the world spins very, very fast and our lives are very, very short. It's a number that makes me think and look back but also look forward too. I'm such a happy person because what I have done so far I think is amazing. I look back and reflect on this and have to be thankful for what God gave me. But at the same time I look forward and I feel myself better than ever, stronger than ever, with more experience and I think I'm still at the beginning of my professional life."
Jose Mourinho, who turns 50 in January

"Ronaldo from Brazil from back in the day. When I first started watching soccer, going to Europe for the first time, he was the one who was the most dynamic to me. I loved the way he played. He played with a lot of style, he was good, and he had the different hairstyles."
Snoop Dogg, the American hip-hop superstar and actor, on his favourite footballer

"8 year contract that is long term backing! Maybe I need to go with Pardew's agent next time."
Phil Neville jokes on Twitter that he is keen on letting Alan Pardew’s agent look after his affairs after the Newcastle United manager was handed a staggering eight-year contract

“It was a surprise, but I was extremely happy. It was like my first call-up. I have never met Neymar. It will be the first time.”
Kaka on being named in the Brazil squad for the first time in two years

“Davide looks to be in a good place right now. His language skills have improved and he has a north-east girlfriend cooking him some nice pies, so he's a bit happier.”
Alan Pardew on Davide Santos adapting to life in Newcastle upon Tyne

“Bravo Miro Klose. With your gesture you have shown yourself to be a champion and a proper player.”
FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter

"I am looking forward to seeing Neymar and Messi play together. If Neymar joins Barcelona would have arguably have the two best attackers in the world."
Dani Alves

"In Hooper we have a phenomenal player. He does score a lot of goals and it is the hardest thing to do, and he scores in the big games. But it is not just his goals. His play in general is of a very high standard. He is a good footballer, an intelligent footballer, very quick over five or ten yards, and his touch is sublime at times. I think he is good enough to play for England.”
Neil Lennon on his Celtic forward Gary Hooper