For many decades, the Tahuichi Academy has been one of Latin America’s leading incubators for promising young players. The Bolivian football school offers many poorer kids a welcome alternative to the grinding poverty of their daily lives.

Girls and boys are offered the chance to hone and improve their footballing talents, and use the world of sport to acquire social and community skills. Since 1978, kids mainly drawn from poor families have seized the opportunity to escape the downward spiral through the world’s favourite game.

Daily life at the Academy has a double focus, with the sporting aspect complemented by an educational component. The kids and youths receive tuition in certain fundamental subjects, acquiring important knowledge for their lives away from the field of play.

In the Video of the Week, we take a closer look at the Tahuichi Academy, speaking to participants in the programme and looking back over the colourful history of the Bolivian talent factory.