Women’s football is not usually associated with Afghanistan. Yet after 30 years of conflicts and war, it is helping to bring new hope to the landlocked south Asian country.

For many years, basic everyday worries left the population in the war-torn nation unable to enjoy any sports, especially football. However, slowly but surely times are changing.

While there are still many obstacles to overcome, progress is being made both socially and politically. Having been oppressed and denied their rights for so long, women in particular are profiting from the changes. They were not allowed to even watch a football match until just a few years ago, let alone play the game themselves.

Yet women are taking matters into their own hands now and are learning both the theoretical and practical aspects of the game with the help of the German Football Association (DFB). In doing so, they are sending the world a positive signal from a country with a long history of negative experiences.

In this edition of Video of the Week, FIFA.com looks at the new hope that has taken root in Afghanistan thanks to women’s football. See for yourself!