“I think they got my video mixed up with [Ariel] Ortega’s! It was for an Argentinian record fee, and blew the market wide open. They’d seen me in the Copa Libertadores and the Olympic Games, where I’d pulled off a couple of impressive moves. They must have thought I played like that all the time! They even played me in an attacking-midfield role in my first few games. After my second game I was getting abuse from every man and his dog!"
Matias Almeyda to FIFA.com on why Sevilla signed him for $9m in 1996

"Clarence will play until the age of 52.”
Silvio Berlusconi on Clarence Seedorf

“People often see me as a bad boy because of my style. Hip hop is my culture so I often wear headphones. I dress in streetwear and that means some people get me wrong. It’s a shame.”
Gregory van der Wiel to FIFA.com

"I'm no little boss. I have been here for a long time. Everybody listens to what I say in the dressing room."
Bastian Schweinsteiger responds to team-mate Arjen Robben’s claim that Bayern Munich lack leadership

"I see a lot of Bobby [Charlton] in Wayne Rooney. They are both big-name players. Bobby was fantastic and Wayne is terrific too. Bobby always loved to get on the ball all the time and so does Wayne. Great players always want the ball. I've always thought [Rooney] would make a great midfield player. He's very much like Bobby in that respect. It is a role that demands intelligence but football is like anything. As you get older, you get wiser."
Paddy Crerard

"For me Pele is the best. Nobody has done more than Pele. He's the only player to have been a world champion at 17, won three World Cups and scored over 1,208 goals.”

"I said when he came on to the scene a few years ago he was the nearest I've seen to Brian Clough. Brian Clough, what he achieved was quite unique and will never, ever be repeated. For two clubs like Derby and Nottingham Forest to achieve what they did was quite remarkable. But I do believe we're watching probably the greatest manager the game's ever seen in Jose Mourinho. I think he's so special. I've never seen someone use substitutes with such great effect as what he does. He is quite remarkable."
Trevor Francis

"I hope that I can achieve even half of what Messi has done, although it will not be easy. Lionel can dribble, assist, he has vision - he is the complete package. I still watch a lot of his videos to keep learning. It would be a dream to play alongside Messi. I think we would make a great double act!"
Juan Iturbe, Cerro Porteno’s Porto-bound Argentinian 17-year-old

"He reminds me a little bit of myself. He can play with the ball well. I know his original position was midfield. He is still only 22 and he is incredible. He, to me, holds the key to the hopes of England for this coming generation. To me, possibilities for him to become a captain of the English national team seem a very obvious path for such a player."
Carlos Alberto Torres on Micah Richards

“During a match a coach does nothing except dress well and run around a little.”
Andre Villas Boas

"I remember [last October] people were saying it was the end of the empire, the end of Manchester United, the worst team ever. I said, 'sometimes you have to pay the musician at the end of the show, not before’. Tonight there was only one side on the pitch.”
Patrice Evra following the Red Devils’ 2-0 win away to Schalke

“If we were to win the Scudetto, I would dance the moonwalk dressed as Michael Jackson!”
Kevin-Prince Boateng