On 23 and 24 May 2001, Zurich-based FC Blue Stars and FIFA will host the 63rd edition of the Blue Stars / FIFA Youth Cup .

As in the past, the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich will be the stage for this event on the doorsteps of FIFA. While being a local event with a long-standing tradition, the Blue Stars / FIFA Youth Cup also conveys a global dimension because of participating teams and the customary experiment with the Laws of the Game.

Benfica Lisbon (Portugal), Grêmio Porto Alegre (Brazil), Bologna (Italy), Celta de Vigo (Spain), Newcastle United (England), Sparta Prague (Czech Republic), Besiktas Istanbul (Turkey) and SC Freiburg from Germany will provide for the international touch, while St. Gallen and the three local contenders Grasshopper-Club Zurich, FC Zürich and hosts Blue Stars will attempt to be worthy representatives of Swiss youth football.

In terms of rule experiments, the Blue Stars / FIFA Youth Cup will also be a test bed for the experiment by which free kicks are advanced by 9.15 metres (10 yards) when a player of the penalised team fails to respect the required distance or delays the restart of the game. At this year's meeting in March in Edinburgh, the International F. A. Board felt that the results of the ongoing experiments were not yet sufficiently conclusive and extended the tests for another year, albeit under slightly modified circumstances. Tests will be conducted in England but also at this year's U-17 World Championship in Trinidad and Tobago from 13 - 30 September as part of the education of young players to respect the Laws of the Game.