Football matches throughout the world next weekend (September 20/21) will be united under the single banner of Fair Play as associations, leagues, clubs and players all join together to celebrate FIFA World FIFA Fair Play Day.

Earlier this year, FIFA chose the coming weekend as the first-ever World Fair Play day, as it fell in the busiest period of football worldwide and also coincided with the final of the FIFA Under-17 World Championship for the JVC Cup, in Egypt.

FIFA’s guest of honor in Cairo will be Sir Bobby Charlton, who will walk out with the teams in the Cairo National Stadium and send messages of Fair Play to viewers throughout the world.

But Fair Play will also be at the center of football attention in dozens of other countries, big and small. For example:

  • In England, children will carry in oversized FIFA Fair Play flags at all the Premier League matches.

  • Children will walk hand-in-hand with the players at all the Bundesliga matches in Germany.

  • No less then 216 matches in Tunisia will feature the ten points of the FIFA Code of Conduct around their stadia.

  • In Nigeria, seminars and clinics are being organized for school children and there is a national essay-writing competition on the theme of Fair Play.

  • Referees and coaches meet at Fair Play seminars in Azerbaijan, where players will also feature in a TV debate.

  • Teams winning matches in Chile will stand to applaud their beaten opponents off the pitch and families at youth tournaments will exchange symbolic gifts with the families of their opponents.

  • The message of Fair Play will be focused on at all levels on the island of Cuba, including sports academies and national team training sessions.

  • The opening ceremonies at the Asian World Cup qualifying matches will also be focusing on spreading the Fair Play in the symbolic team hand-shake ceremony.

Many other countries will be running a variety of Fair Play projects, including messages on scoreboards and loudspeakers, articles in match programs, features in newspapers and magazines and TV and radio programs. FIFA has also distributed a special Fair Play video clip to TV stations in some 100 countries.