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What is your favourite football fairytale?

Bournemouth players celebrate winning the Championship
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Just seven years since being minutes away from liquidation, English south coast side Bournemouth have clinched promotion to the Premier League and the Championship title in a turnaround their chairman says 'not even the craziest optimist' would have predicted.

A week earlier Italian side Carpi climbed into Serie A after being in the fifth division just five years ago, the first time the town of 67,000 has seen their side reach the nation's top flight in 106 year of history. These are just two examples of some great fairytale stories the world of football have thrown up over its history.

We want to know, what is your favourite footballing fairytale? Recent examples have seen Western Sydney Wanderers climb to the pinnacle of Asian club football in just two years of existence, Zambia return to the scene of their nation's greatest footballing tragedy to become champions of Africa in 2012 and a war torn Iraq unite their homeland by triumphing at the 2007 AFC Asian Cup.

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