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The Week in Quotes


“We are sitting in front of a packed dinner table, and having watched others enjoy their banquets in previous years, my lads are now starving. We’re ready to eat!”
*Antonio Conte, Juventus coach

“You would have to be a confirmed masochist to enjoy it!”
Sir Alex Ferguson on the Manchester derby
“The players should go home tonight, kiss their wives and their children and hold their heads up high. I’m really hurt, but I’m more hurt for my players than I am for myself.”
Jose Mourinho following Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League elimination by Bayern Munich
“The Spanish are still hungry and it should be a final between Germany and Spain, but we will win it. Jogi *has succeeded in restoring our reputation with a cultured brand of football meshed with our own traditional virtues. He now has the best Germany squad of all time.”
Franz Beckenbauer on Joachim Low’s Germany and their UEFA EURO 2012 chances
“Of course I miss Manchester. It felt like I left a family back there. I still have a very good relationship with Ferguson and the rest of the lads. I still speak with Rio Ferdinand, Nani, Anderson and Patrice Evra. I still see them as a big family, so of course I miss them. I especially miss the apple crumble and custard they served at Carrington after training - it was amazing!”
Cristiano Ronaldo

“I'm proud of my scar. It gave me strength and forged my character. You have to be mentally strong to withstand the ridicule of other children and the stares of adults.”
Franck Ribery

“The thing that I found disconcerting was that in 15 days, we clashed three times. Panucci is not ready to work as a director of sport. I can’t have a collaborator in the club who causes more problems than he fixes.”
Maurizio Zamparini on Christian Panucci

“Watched penalty kicks on bus on Roddy’s ipad. Unreal. Final is at home. Let’s do this.”
*Dirk Nowitzki, the German NBA star, on Twitter 

  • “He is unavailable. Who do they think we are? Do Bayern really think they can just come along and ask 'Lewi' whether he wants to come play for them if Mario Gomez can't play for some reason? That is utter nonsense and can be ruled out.”
    Jurgen Klopp on Robert Lewandowski
    *“Pirlo is the reason why Juventus have got better and Milan have got worse. He is one of the best players in the world. He is also one of the best midfielders in the history of the game.”
    Ciro Ferrara on Andrea Pirlo*

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