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Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini
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“Do I regret the decision to sack Stefano Pioli? I’m eating my second testicle. I already ate the first.”
Maurizio Zamparini, the Palermo president
"If Pele thinks he's the Beethoven of football, then I'm the Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and the Bono of football, because I have so much passion.”

Diego Maradona

“We have a kickabout between gigs. It’s kind of weird doing it in an empty arena. We did in it the O2, that was good. All these people in there one night, then you’re kicking a ball about in there the next – it’s crazy!”
*Aston Merrygold of British boyband JLS*

“I don't care if Ronaldo does 6,000 sit ups, he'll never be as good as Messi. True?”
Steve Nash, the NBA superstar, on Twitter

“When you look at a list of the greats to play in English football, I'd say he is second only to Bobby Charlton in terms of the best midfielders there have ever been. You'd put Charlton number one not only for his achievements with Manchester United, but because of the World Cup in 1966. Beyond that you'd have Graeme Souness, Alan Ball, Dave Mackay, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Glenn Hoddle, Paul Gascoigne, Frank Lampard and Bryan Robson. For me, Stevie has eclipsed all of those for what he has done for Liverpool and England."
Jamie Carragher on Steven Gerrard
"I am feeling things that I have never felt before. Not with Juventus, nor with Monaco and not even at international level with France. Being a River fan and seeing the passion that exists in this team, all the people and all the pressure, I have more adrenaline than ever before.”

David Trezeguet on playing for River Plate*

“Perhaps he dreams of playing in England, but Schalke are the right club for him. I don't know whether he is suitable for a top club. At Schalke he can show exactly what makes him strong. Sitting in the box, like a predator lurking at the chance to score a goal from nothing. In the penalty box he is one of the best. But at an absolute top club, something else is expected of a striker: a lot of running, sprinting. Huntelaar lacks speed though. The fact is that he failed at Real Madrid and AC Milan, but at Schalke he’s made it.”
*Youri Mulder on Klass-Jan Huntelaar*

“If he were to leave tomorrow, his successor would discover David's blood running through every brick and piece of turf both at Goodison and at Finch Farm."
*Howard Wilkinson on David Moyes*

"The situation with Krasnozhan was simple: Eto'o did not want to work with him. He is a great footballer, but he would not accept the Russian coach's authority. Roberto Carlos reacted in the same vein, and then other foreigners followed.”
*Zaidin Dzhambulatov, Anzhi Makhachkala's former vice-president, on why Yuri Krasnozhan vacated their hot-seat for the arrival of Guus Hiddink*

“England has a strong squad before every major tournament – on paper. But they have never found the right chemistry in the team and they fail more on account of themselves than their opponents. About England, I have my doubts. [Germany] are hoping to lift the cup, but Spain remain the team to beat. They are still the world’s best. But they have won so much in recent years we hope that a little bit of their hunger is gone. Then we have to bite."
Jurgen Klinsmann on UEFA EURO 2012
“Plenty of players would be interested in playing for PSG, even great names. Even Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] told me that if he was to leave Milan one day and was approached by PSG, he would think twice. Even me, I wouldn't say no to it in the future.”
Philippe Mexes**

“I definitely think playing out wide will improve me. Henry played wide for Juventus and then went to Arsenal and played as a centre-forward. Wenger knew he was a centre-forward before he joined, and when he went there his game went up so high. He’s an example of one player I look at and think when I get back in the middle — and it’s only a matter of time — then I will be a lot better than previously. Fitness-wise it helps you so much playing on the wing as it’s a completely different job — you do a lot more runs than you do up front.”
Daniel Sturridge

“We need to appreciate this kid. No doubt about it, he’ll become the star of this decade at the club just like Kaka was in the 2000s and Denilson in the 1990s.”
Rogerio Ceni on *Sao Paulo team-mate Lucas*

“I tried everything in order for us not to wear our black kit against Arsenal. But the only alternative was to play nude. We won’t wear it again.”*
Adriano Galliani, AC Milan’s superstitious vice-president, on the club’s third-choice jersey. I Rossoneri have lost all three of the games in which they wore black this season.*

"I have to admit I feel a bit ashamed about the players always praising me and asking for my renewal. Messi said that I was more important to Barça than him? Let's never forget people come to see Messi, not to see me."
Pep Guardiola

"I catch myself calling my kids ‘dude’ every once in a while, so there are a few words creeping in. And using American words like elevator instead of lift.”
*David Beckham, who has called Los Angeles home since 2007, on losing his English accent*

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