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Barcelona's midfielder Cesc Fabregas reacts

"Ronaldinho is a world champion with the Brazil team and after his return to the country he has readjusted and he is playing very well. He is turning into one of the top players in Brazil this season. He's been playing frequently and showing his physical improvement because we never doubted his technical (abilities). Ronaldinho is becoming a leader who must be a key figure we need in the Brazil team. He can come to signify for the national team what he means to Flamengo."
*Mano Menezeson recalling Ronaldinho to the Brazil squad. *

"Sergio is a photocopy of Romario, they are the same player. He is not 100 per cent yet but he is going to be fantastic for us."
Roberto Mancinion Sergio Aguero
"I said ‘Welcome to English football’ to him at half-time. It was good experience for him and if my recollection serves me correctly, coming from European football is a learning process for a goalkeeper. Peter Schmeichel's first game was on a wet Wednesday night against Wimbledon and he had a difficult time. His following game was against Leeds when he let in a poor goal. He went on to be arguably one of the greatest goalkeepers in the club's history in my opinion. De Gea is only 20 and he is very much a work in progress."
Sir Alex Ferguson on David De Gea *

"I think that Xavi still has some years left in him. He does things you wouldn’t believe! I haven’t come to retire Xavi. I came here to play with Xavi, to compete with Xavi, and to win with Xavi.”
*Cesc Fabregas

“Finally Cesc debuts with Barcelona! I'm happy for him and all Barça's fans! Congrats Cesc!”
*Pau Gasol, Spanish star of NBA on his twitter account *

"As captain you are an ambassador for the club and I am ready for that. You should always try to show respect, and this is just basic stuff that all human beings should have in their life - just being nice to people. It's the little things, like giving people a minute of your time in the street, you show them respect, and live with your principles on life."
*Robin van Persie after succeeding Fabregas as Arsenal captain *

"Stopping my career was unexpectedly easy. I was prepared for a long time. I look forward to what lies ahead in the near future."
*Jan Koller on retiring from the game *

"Does the lull in titles not perhaps lie with a generation of players like Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger, who vehemently deny a team needs players to lead it? Players who put their fingers in the wound and express uncomfortable truths, which is more important than their own success, players who are willing to drive and demand whatever it takes for success?"
*Oliver Kahn **apportions blame for Bayern Munich’s problems *

"I can still remember how Oliver Kahn used to hate nothing more than criticism from ex-colleagues which were expressed through the media. For such a great player, I expect that he remembers his words."
*Schweinsteiger responds *

"We have similar playing styles, but I am also very fast. I want to learn off him how it is to play here at the Bridge.”
*Romelu Lukakuon comparisons to Didier Drogba *

“In team sports, you need individual talents. Most importantly, you need to be able to use those individual talents for the good of the team, and not the other way around. We’ve seen how dangerous the opposite approach can be, and I think that was part of the problem in South Africa last year. Talent is important, but you have to try to create a team spirit – a group. It’s a fundamental part of winning matches and taking titles.”
*France coach Laurent Blanc to FIFA.com *

"Since coming to Santos I have learned that the player is actually a pop star. If you see what happens at airports when the Santos players arrive, it's like a joke."
*Santos coach Muricy Ramalho *

“It's a shame, it is not the first time and it's always the same. Mourinho is destroying Spanish football. There is talk about the Catalans, but the problem is with Madrid. I think it's going too far. It cannot always end well. In the end this will end very badly."
*Gerard Pique on the post-Spanish Supercopa final brawl *

"I was seeing two footballs at times! I can't even remember what my goal looked like because I was too tired. There was such a big time difference that when I played the game it was actually time for me to sleep. I didn't expect to get a full game but it is a privilege to play, especially at Celtic Park, so I had to keep going, I was never going to ask to come off."
*Celtic’s Ki Sung-Yueng on coping with jetlag after returning from Korea Republic duty *

"I'm sure they will take to him because he fell out with Arsenal. Arsenal fans hate him so Tottenham fans will love him. He upset them so he'll be a hero here."
*Harry Redknappon his signing target, Emanuel Abebayor *

“We are playing very well but we always have the same problem, and that’s our inability to score. Sooner or later we’re going to pay for that and we have to prevent it from happening in matches that we’re capable of winning.”
*Portugal captainNuno Reis before his team qualified for the FIFA U-20 World Cup final *

"I am still a very good friend of Arsene Wenger, I see him every year, and it is only natural that my name pops up when it comes to musing about who will be his successor. Who wouldn't be happy to be associated with such a big club as Arsenal?”
*Dragan Stojkovic *

"Two years ago when he went to Madrid I was moved. But his costs are too high for Milan. He would have to take a much greater wage cut than (Cesc) Fabregas did to go to Barcelona. I'm sorry to disappoint the fans but the Kaka hypothesis is unfeasible."
*Adriano Galliani, AC Milan chief executive on reports of a return for Kaka *

"He is marvellous. I don't know how he does it. Every year he comes up with something different - change of coach, change of players - he is just fantastic. We are there again, ready for the 20th (title)."
*Sir Bobby Charlton on Sir Alex Ferguson *

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