The Week in Quotes

22 Feb 2020

"As the child of a migrant, you quickly learn about inequality. My parents told me: 'You will have to work twice as hard as kids from other backgrounds.' I thought: 'OK, if I work twice as hard, I will be twice as good.'" Vincent Kompany in an interview with The Guardian

"The gap is so insane, I don't really understand it. I am not smart enough. I have not had that before. It is outstanding, so difficult." Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks with Sky Sports about his side's cushion atop the Premier League after a 1-0 victory at Norwich City

"I knew it was going to be crazy, because it was Brazil playing in Brazil in the [2016 Men's Olympic Football Tournament] final. I knew it was going to be on a completely different level to an American football game or a basketball game. It was a high-level game and the crowd was just so into it. It felt like nobody ever sat down, nobody was ever quiet. It made me love the game and my curiosity about soccer grow a lot. From then on out, I have loved Brazilian soccer. Neymar’s been one of my favourite players ever since." NBA all-star with the Miami Heat Jimmy Butler speaks with us about his love of football in an exclusive interview

"We want to be the biggest threat to them. We want to overtake them. That’s the aim. Not just to get level with them, we want to overtake them. The more we play them, the more that we compete against them, the more confidence we’ll have." England coach Phil Neville on facing USA in the upcoming SheBelieves Cup in March

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti on his coaching philosophy

"I didn’t want to say many words, but used the bicep emoji to say ‘keep strong, keep on going’ and I said ‘we are going to be back next season'. That text never went through, but in my head I said ‘we’, as if I was in it. I don’t even know if the manager knows, but the text never went through. In the end I came back and ended up scoring in the final, so that was quite symbolic. Maybe it was fate, definitely." Liverpool forward Divock Origi tells the club's official website about his experience of watching the 2018 UEFA Champions League final on a TV in the Dominican Republic only to go on and score in the final 12 months later

“I think our Arsenal team would have beaten this Liverpool team. Not easily, but we would have won because we had more individual class than what Liverpool have. It's very hard to compare but when I look at the individual quality we had and the pace we had, then I think we would have had the edge." Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann speaks at the Laureus World Sports Awards on how the Invincibles of 2003/04 would fare against Liverpool's current team

"We started winning on the roundabout next to the stadium. In eight years, I've never seen a reception like that." Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone tells Movistar that his side had beaten Liverpool before the match even began thanks to the incredible reception his team received upon arrival on the team bus

"Creating change isn’t something that you just talk about, though, you have to really embody it. It’s not easy, it’s not something you go in and out of – you’ve got to be all in.” (Harris) — “We can sleep when we’re dead." (Krieger laughs) USA goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris & USA defender Ali Krieger speak with The Telegraph about their wedding and LGBTQ empowerment

"I've had stick for looking like Mo Salah for a good year now, so it's just gone a bit global at the minute, so yeah it's all good." Professional rugby player Rhys Williams on his doppelganger being Egypt and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah