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Thomas Muller and Alphonso Davies celebrate a Bayern Munich goal
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"With the current situation, we’re all a little impeded in our lives – we’ve put aside some of our freedoms for the good of society as whole. This gives us time to think differently. With everything I've been through with my family, friends and everyone around me, I consider myself to be very privileged in life. Mental health is extremely important in this scenario. With the injury, but also with COVID, I took a step back from football. I took the time to reflect on what I've been through in the last few years, but also on what I want to do in the future."
Ada Hegerberg []

"Zlatan and I would have single beds and there wasn’t that much space between them. Sometimes, for no reason, he’d just start kicking me. I’ve no idea why, but he was a nice guy. We lived close by and we’d play PlayStation together. Good times."
Steven Pienaar on rooming with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Ajax [The Athletic]

“This lockdown has made me realise how much I want to play football. All I want to do is be a big part of something. I understand I’m not going to be part of Real Madrid. I don’t think I’ve lost the ability, but I know how football works. I just want to be a big part of a club and give my all to them. That’s all that burns through me."
Joe Hart [The Guardian]

"He gets the opponent thinking, 'I have time' and then meep meep meep! The roadrunner, the FC Bayern roadrunner comes ahead and steals the ball."
Thomas Muller on Alphonso Davies

"I finished The Last Dance the other day, it was excellent. It got me thinking that, in a few years, hopefully we will be able to watch something similar with our own phenomenon [Lionel Messi]. [We could] learn a mountain of things about his day-to-day life. Because you see him train, you see him play, but so many things happen on a day-to-day basis that you don't know about, as we see [with Jordan] in the series. The scene that I would like to see in the future is the one when Jordan is hugging the trophy and crying. I would like to see that with Messi and the World Cup. That I would like to see. I know what it would mean for him and for the Argentinian people."
Lucas Biglia [Club Octubre 947]

"This is what keeps me alive, I know football comes easy to me. It has nothing to do with money or being famous. The point is to do what you enjoy and have fun doing it. That’s my objective. I joke with Alex Sandro that I’ve had more scans than I’ve played games."
Douglas Costa [The Players' Tribune]

"COVID-19 is now making people question what it is they value. Ideally and conceptually, the pandemic is serving to provide a more level playing field for equality in all its forms. Perhaps women's football can grow because of that."
Paola Lopez []

"[Michael Jordan] was obsessed with winning. So am I. You only have to be careful to still stay human. For me it's important that one day in a documentary about me, at least three out of ten people will say that Nagelsmann was not only fantastic, but a good person as well."
Julian Nagelsmann [Welt]

"From a personal point of view, I also knew I couldn’t have given any more to be the best centre-half there and to lead my team in the best way possible. Even though it didn’t end the way I wanted it to, I can honestly look back and say I enjoyed every minute."
Steph Houghton []

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