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England's Paul Gascoigne scores his side's second goal against Scotland.
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“When I was at Everton I used to go and watch the youth team play, the under-19s, before we played.  I think it was Colin Harvey [in charge] at the time and he said to watch this young kid, he's 14 and playing for the under-19s. I thought I'd stay and watch for a little bit, and he came on when they were getting beat 1-0 with 20 minutes to go. He banged in two goals. I think you can watch them on TV – they're incredible! What a player! I thought, ‘He's going to be good’. After the game I went in and said, 'Well done lads. I've got £40 spare – is anyone going out tonight?' Wayne Rooney said, 'I am', so I went, ‘There's £40 quid, go and get yourself a couple of pints tonight’. That's when I knew he was going to be brilliant. He's never given the £40 back, so the interest is about £1.2m now!”
Paul Gascoigne

“I don’t know what ‘to win at all costs’ means. What I know is that you can win it once not being good, you can win it once because you were very lucky, but [for a manager] to win it so many times, you can’t do it without the top qualities. It’s very funny because the best team in the history of La Liga, Real Madrid [in 2011/12]: 100 points, 121 goals. The team with the most victories, points and goals [in history]. Manager? The ‘defensive’ Jose Mourinho. Premier League points record? Chelsea Football Club, 2005/06. Manager? The ‘defensive’ Jose Mourinho. There is something that is not right.”
*Jose Mourinho

“My father would always, always, always bring us out here – he loved to come to DC United games. Usually we’d have a youth soccer game the morning of, and then after that we knew we would be going to a DC United game, so we were always psyched up, it would give us that energy to play the game. Then we’d get out here, take the truck, open the trunk, listen to music, set up two goals, and me and my cousins and team-mates would go at it. They would always set up a huge barbecue. You could get a burger, a hotdog, however many you wanted. Then we’d follow the crowd and march on into the stadium. It just meant a lot to me. And from then on I was like, ‘Man, I really wanna play for DC United one day’.”
Bill Hamid

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"I feel like a player who's just finished the first half of his career. I played and lived like a kid. I've wasted a lot of opportunities. But the game's not over, I still have a second half to play. Now I'll play it like a man. I know a lot of people don't believe in my comeback. It's up to me to prove them wrong. Milan have taken a gamble, but I've made a promise to myself and all the people who support me. I'm starting from zero and know I can't mess this one up. I will follow every rule. I know I'll only be given my chance if I deserve it, but I haven't forgotten how to play football."

Mario Balotelli

"When I look at my pictures and think back about my career, I am overcome with emotion. I fell in love with the game when I was just a little kid, playing soccer in the backyard with the neighbourhood boys. As the youngest, and a girl, I quickly learned to be fearless and aggressive. These same characteristics set me apart as a player and earned me my beloved nickname, ‘The Buehldozer’. I still love the game and I always will, but the time has come where I am ready for other things. At the end of this 2015 NWSL season, I will be retiring. The decision was primarily driven by my desire to follow another one of my childhood dreams: to go to medical school and become a doctor. My father was a cardio thoracic surgeon. Not many kids grow up watching heart surgery videos, but I vividly remember sitting on the living room floor with my dad, mesmerised by the magical, beating mass on the TV screen. Influences from my father and my experiences with two torn ACLs in high school helped solidify my interest in medicine. I was pre-med at Stanford and when I graduated in 2007 I thought medical school was going to be my next step. Then, in 2008, things changed. The new U.S. coach, Pia Sundhage, called me into camp. I made it onto the 2008 Olympic team, and after that soccer really took off for me.”
*Rachel Buehler Van Hollebeke, the 113-times capped USA defender, who surprisingly announced her retirement when she was just 29*

"If someone has to grow at Juve, it's the coach, not the Argentine. Allegri is like all Italian coaches: he thinks he can influence the game, but he doesn't understand that talented players must be let loose. Within two or three years, Dybala could become the new Messi.”
*Maurizio Zamperini on Massimiliano Allegri*

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I think they are good players, Cazorla is fantastic to watch. But I'm talking about Arsenal winning the league. Think about Fabregas or a Paul Scholes when we were playing, fantastic player. You've got to build people around him. Facilitate what maybe they can't do. To me it's [Arsene Wenger’s] arrogance. I really do. To think that you are not going to adapt your team, to change to impact on the other teams that you're playing against and their strengths. It is either naive or arrogance. Because they keep losing this way. Belief? It is misheld belief.”

Gary Neville

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