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Sherpa scaling heights by the Himalayas

Nepal, bordered by China PR on one side and India on the other, is home to eight of the world's ten largest mountains. But as well as being a Mecca for mountaineers, Nepal is also an up-and-coming footballing nation. The rise of the national game is largely down to the Sherpa, an ethnic group also known for their mountaineering prowess. 

And given the speed of their rise to prominence, the Himalayan Sherpa Club are the central focus of the Video of the Week this time around. Successful work at youth level has seen Sherpa become a dominant figure in Nepali football, with the club winning its first trophies on a national level.

We took our camera to Nepal, where we spoke with key figures at the club about things past, present and future. See for yourselves what the world's most popular sport means to the people of the mountains and find out how the club got to where it is today.

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