Relive the Medical press conference

The Hungarian capital of Budapest has been playing host to the second FIFA Medical Conference, with a post-conference press conference available shorly to view on demand on

Headed by the Chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee, Michel D’Hooghe, and FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jiri Dvorak, the two-day conference discussed a number of issues with the aim of developing medical practices associated with the beautiful game. It has taken place three years on from the first Medical Conference in Zurich, and one doctor per Member Association invited to participate.

The first day of proceedings was set aside for medical specialists and will not be open to the media. Day two was reserved for discussion of major issues including sudden heart attacks, training accidents, FIFA’s 11+ warm-up programme and pre-match medicals, in addition to any other football-related issues raised by participants.

In total, four workshops were held during the conference. For the complete conference agenda, click on the PDF file on the right of the page.

A press conference, which was streamed live on * *and will soon be available to view on demand, has since been held, with D’Hooghe and Dvorak discussing the event's findings.

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