Motion picture on FIFA hits cinemas

The story of FIFA’s foundation and subsequent globalisation of football through the FIFA World Cup™ will now be told in cinemas around the world.

Directed by Frédéric Auburtin and starring Gérard Depardieu, Sam Neill and Tim Roth,* United Passions *portrays the origins of FIFA and the FIFA World Cup™ and the many challenges that had to be overcome in growing the game globally.

FIFA has been considering the production of a feature film about its history for some time, dating back to 2004 when FIFA was approached with a concept to coincide our centennial celebrations. In 2012 Leuviah Films contacted FIFA with another proposal.

FIFA then agreed to contribute, considering this to be a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the breadth of FIFA’s work to develop football globally. *United Passions *allows FIFA to highlight the challenges involved in establishing the FIFA World Cup™ in order to turn it into the world’s biggest single sporting event.

As part of its communications strategy, FIFA aims to promote direct communication with fans around the world to foster a better understanding of FIFA’s mission and the nature of its work. It is hoped that this film, albeit fictionalised and therefore not entirely based on actual events, will contribute to this goal.

United Passions will be released in a variety of countries over the coming weeks after the successful world premiere took place at the recent Cannes film festival.

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