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Besides the main discussions on the proposed reforms to the Statutes, the 2012 FIFA Congress will be asked to vote on a number of other issues.

Rules of admission

A change has been proposed to the process whereby new members are admitted to FIFA, with the suggested removal of the current requirement that an association must have been a member of its confederation for at least two years prior to requesting membership of FIFA. If accepted by Congress, this could be changed to allow any new member of a confederation to immediately seek FIFA membership. If approved by Congress, the first beneficiary of this rule change could be the new state of South Sudan, whose football association joined the Confederation of African Football in February of this year.

Members’ motions

Two proposals have been put forward to the Congress by member associations. The first, submitted by a number of associations, calls for the scrapping of the match levies paid to FIFA by members in regard to international “A” matches. The second proposal, by the German Football Association, relates to the payment of match officials at international games and suggests that this could be carried out by bank transfers within ten days of the match in question, rather than the current system involving cash payments on the day of the game.

Players’ insurance

The FIFA Congress will also be asked to approve the new worldwide player insurance project which was approved by the Executive Committee in March. Starting in August 2012, this major new undertaking will see FIFA insure all players involved in all international “A” matches listed in the international match calendar. The provisional budget for this project amounts to USD100 million.

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