London trio hoping for home comforts

As host city for both the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup and the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Grand Final, not to mention The Best FIFA Football Awards on 23 October, London currently enjoys pride of place on the global football map.

A total of 32 Grand Finalists are due to descend on the English capital for the FIFA Interactive World Cup, but for some the journey will take no time at all. We profile the London trio hoping for home advantage when the action kicks off.

Tassal 'Hashtag Tass' Rushan (Xbox One)An Arsenal fan and huge admirer of Thierry Henry, 'Hashtag Tass' began the year in style by winning the Season 1 regional final in Paris. He then just missed out on qualifying for London with a quarter-final finish at the Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin, before bouncing back at the Season 3 regional final in Munich. Focused and ambitious, he is quick to deny his opponents possession after taking the lead.

Ryan 'xL_Ryan' Pessoa (Xbox One)Another Arsenal supporter, 'xL_Ryan' has made no secret of his desire to defend the Gunners' honour with a controller in hand. Absent for the Season 1 and 2 regional finals, he made up for lost time with eye-catching displays at the Season 3 regional decider in Munich, turning heads with his direct play and spectacular football.

Shaun 'xShellzz' Springette (PlayStation 4)Shy and reserved, Chelsea fan 'xShellzz' is a newcomer on the FIFA competitive scene but still managed to shine at the Season 1 regional final. However, it was in Berlin that he truly came into his own, making the step up from playing in his bedroom just months previously to winning the PlayStation 4 division – before losing to 'RocKy' in the final.