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Harrow's posing pioneers

Harrow School’s football team pose for a photo in 1868
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Harrow is one of the world’s most famous private schools. Situated in north-west London, it has educated seven British Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Robert Peel, three monarchs including King Hussein of Jordan, countless Royals from various countries, the Duke of Westminster, legendary poet Lord Byron, and musician James Blunt.

Sport has long been of significant importance at Harrow. The school is involved in the world’s oldest cricket fixture, in which it takes on Eton College at Lord’s, while squash was invented at Harrow in the 1830s.

Naturally, it has a long association with football. Harrow was among the seven schools which met to develop the Cambridge Rules in 1863, which led to the establishment of the Laws of the Game – the sport’s first official rules – later that year. Furthermore, C.W. Alcock, the created of the FA Cup, was a former Harrow pupil, while the school even plays its own version of the sport, Harrow football!

The above picture shows that, even as far back as 1868, Harrow’s football team had its own kit!

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