GORILLA: It was emotional to win this title

  • GORILLA defeated DETO in Friday's Grand Final in London 

  • He becomes the 13th champion in FIWC history

  • The 20-year-old lives up to his billing as best in the world Already a giant of the game thanks to his performances on FIFA 15 and 16, Spencer Ealing sealed his place in history on Friday. Too strong for Germany's DETO in the FIWC 2017 Grand Final, the player better known as GORILLA put an official stamp on his standing as the greatest in the world.

Spencer, congratulations on your victory. After scoring your third goal to put the game virtually beyond reach, you turned to your entourage and wagged a finger as if to say "No no no." Why was that? Because the game wasn't over yet. It's massive to lead like that, especially in a final, but I faced the best players of the season here and you can never afford to lose your focus, especially against a player like DETO.

You seemed very confident throughout the tournament. Were there any moments where doubts crept in?

Yes, when I was losing 3-1 on PlayStation during the first leg of the final. I was annoyed because obviously it wasn't the kind of result I was hoping for. But I managed to come back and make it 3-3, and that was symbolic of my whole tournament. I was able to control situations and avoid too many jitters, which is never easy when you're playing on a big stage like that one.

What do you think you can still improve for next season? The game will be different next year, so I could be good this year and no good at all next year. It's going to require more time, work and dedication to stay at the top.

You have had the reputation of being the best player in the world since FIFA 15 and 16. Do you feel like you proved that today?

It's true that people have been labelling me the best, but I've always rejected that tag. But after winning the biggest FIFA tournament in history, I suppose they can call me that – or at least one of the best.

Do you think this title will change your life?

Yes, if only because of the money I've won. But I didn't play for that; I honestly wanted to win here to lift the trophy. Playing for the money is the surest way of losing your head. I'm very happy with what I've accomplished and I think things will get interesting for me in the future, even if I'm struggling to grasp it at the moment.

Are you going to enjoy yourself?

FIFA 18 is coming out, and I think I'm going to buy myself some FIFA points (laughs). More seriously, I think I'm going to move home or something like that, but otherwise I'll mostly be saving this money.

You dedicated your title to your coach, Sean Allen, who finished runner-up in 2016 … Yes, it was emotional for me to win this title because he was in the same situation as me last year but didn't enjoy the same success. And he wasn't able to qualify this year. Our style of play is very similar and I wanted to dedicate my title to him because I don't think I could have won this without him. He was able to motivate me and keep me focused before and after every match.**

What they said***

*"He's just so strong in attack! He deserves this title – he's worked hard to get where he is. The only thing he could improve is his defending, but he always finds a way to score more goals than his opponents."