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Sixteen incredible matches, 48 quiz questions and almost one-hundred thousand entries later, we have our adidas Cafusa kick-off ball winners for the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013!

The following Club members will each receive the official kick-off ball* for the associated match. Each ball comes with a certificate of authenticity. Congratulations to our winners for claiming such a priceless and unique piece of football history!

**Match** **Winner **
 Brazil-Japan*     *A_Ferreira *
 Mexico-Italy     *juliasenra *
 Spain-Uruguay * Prasad.arun *
 Tahiti-Nigeria     *Sammieston *
 Brazil-Mexico    * rato10*
 Italy-Japan     *Pierre-Manu*
 Spain-Tahiti     *ANDYGUALTO *
 Nigeria-Uruguay     *Huguero*
 Italy-Brazil     *FrAnKMEX14*
 Japan-Mexico      *bsermarini *
 Nigeria-Spain     *Tomzizu *
 Uruguay-Tahiti  *mushies4life*
 Brazil-Uruguay (semi-final)  *pawankumar04*
 Spain-Italy (semi-final)  *prosineski *
 Uruguay-Italy (match for third place)  *frodri79*
 Brazil-Spain* (Final)  *Jandrew511 *

Road to victory
From 15-30 June, gave Club members the chance to win one of 16 kick-off balls* by participating in a daily quiz. Each match of the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 was associated with a three-question quiz. Each quiz was only open for 24 hours and users could enter as many of the 16 quizzes as they liked. Thousands of club members submitted answers for each match quiz in the hopes of claiming a priceless kick-off ball and the accompanying certificate of authenticity but, ultimately, only 16 per cent of players managed to earn their place in the final prize draw.

On to the World Cup!
The Kick-Off Ball Quiz was first introduced at the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Sixty-two official adidas Jabulani kick-off balls - one for every game at South Africa 2010 – were given away to Club members during the contest. Over one million Club members participated in the maiden Kick-Off Ball Quiz.

As we gear up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Club has tons of contests, games and surprises planned. Take the time to train your football skills, so that, much like the players and teams that will be in Brazil, you can be on top of your game when the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off on 12 June 2014!

*The Kick-off Balls for the Opening and Final Match of the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil *2013 * were not included in the contest. In their place, the quiz winners of the opening match and Final will receive an official Cafusa match ball used during these matches.

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