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Youth Olympic Football Tournaments


Polideportivo Leon Najnudel - Buenos Aires

The Polideportivo Leon Najnudel stadium, located in the Sporting High Performance Centre (CeNARD) in Nunez, was opened in December 1992 and remodelled in 2016. The arena, named after the founder of the Argentinian Basketball League, hosts a range of sports events, among which futsal figures prominently. It was the venue for the inaugural South American Futsal League in 2017, organised by CONMEBOL. During the Games, the stadium will be used as a training facility for the participating teams and will also be a venue for matches in the first round.

Venue: CeNARD
Capacity: 1,000 spectators
Address: Miguel B. Sánchez 1050, Nunez
Matches: first round