Olympic Football Tournaments Sydney 2000 - Men

Olympic Football Tournaments Sydney 2000 - Men

13 September - 30 September 2000

Olympic Football Tournaments 2000 - Men

Spain vs. Cameroon facts, figures

Men's Tournament
3. This was only the third match decided by penalty shoot-outs in the history of the OlympicGames. The first was the 1988 semifinal played between Brazil and Germany in Seoul justtwelve years ago: the South Americans advanced to the Gold Medal match beating theEuropeans 3-2 after a 1-1 tie at the end of the extra-times. The second was this edition'squarter final match between USA and Japan, won by the North American team. A totalof 33 matches required the extra-times: 2 were decided by the toss of the coin while thegolden goal determined the winner in as many matches.

3.This was the third medal in a row won by an African team in the Olympic FootballTournament: two Gold and one Bronze medals. The three medals have been collected bythree different teams: Ghana (Bronze in 1992), Nigeria (Gold in 1996) and Cameroon. Spaincollected its third medal: one Golden and two Silver.

6.With 6 goals in as many matches played, Ivan Zamorano is the best goals scorer in thetournament. Chile's captain succeeded to other two South American players, who bothscored 6 goals in Atlanta '96 edition: Argentinian Hernan Crespo and Brazilian Bebeto.Another Brazilian player, Romario, and Andrzej Juskowiak scored 7 goals each in 1988 and1992 editions respectively.

Women's Tournament
1.USA lost their first match in the Olympic Games after a series of 9 positive results in a row:7 wins and 2 draws. The Gold Medal final against Norway was the 3rd head-to-headbetween the two teams in this competition: USA had won the Atlanta '96 semifinal in amatch decided by a golden goal (2-1) and the 1st round match of this edition (2-0).

3.Three teams have entered the semifinal round in both the editions of the tournament: USA,Norway and Brazil. The fourth team was China PR in 1996 and Germany this year. Brazilfinished twice on the fourth spot, losing both the Bronze Medal finals with the same 0-2score: once against Norway, once against Germany.

8.A total of 8 different type of results occurred in the 16 matches played. The most frequentresults were 1-0, 3-1 and 2-0 (3 times each), followed by 1-1 and 2-1 (2 each). Only onematch finished with 5 goals scored, while none ended with a goalless draw. The victorieswere 14 (one more than Atlanta '96), the draws 2.

21.Norway has scored a total of 21 goals in 10 matches played, a record in the OlympicTournament. The 2000 Gold Medallists have a score of 7 wins, 1 draws and 2 defeats andhave conceded 12 goals.

42.A total of 42 goals have been scored in the Sydney 2000 edition for an average of 2.62 goalsper match. The goal average noticeably decreased from Atlanta '96 (3.31). In thistournament, 33 goals have been scored in the Group matches (40 four years ago) and 9 inthe knock-out system phase (13 in Atlanta).

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