Olympic Football Tournaments Beijing 2008

Olympic Football Tournaments Beijing 2008

7 August - 23 August 2008

Olympic Football Tournaments 2008 - Men

Brazil-Belgium: Quotes

Dunga, Brazil coachI'm happy that we have won the bronze medal tonight. Before we came to the Olympics we only had 14 days together and 11 training sessions as a squad, so it's good that the players have something to show for their efforts. There was a great spirit between this squad and they have given me a few more options for the national team. I'm pleased and proud to win Olympic medals as a player and a coach. There was certainly less pressure as a player, so this medal means a lot.

Jean-Francois de Sart, Belgium coach
We're very disappointed, we expected to win the bronze medal. We had the chances to win but we didn't take them. It's not easy to create chances against Brazil but when you do, you have to take them - and we didn't. We had problems in the first 30 minutes, but we finished the first half strongly. However, we conceded the second just before half-time and that made our job extremely difficult. Despite the defeat tonight, I'm very happy with the players. They played well throughout the tournament and I'm very happy with how they played.

Jo, Brazil forward
I've very happy with starting the game tonight, with my two goals and with claiming the bronze medal against Belgium, who made it very difficult for us. This was the first game I've started in the Olympics and I was pleased to make such an impact. It would have been terrible to go home without a medal. Now I hope these goals are enough to see me into the Brazil squad to play Chile in the World Cup qualifier, but we'll have to wait and see. We have a lot of good strikers.

Faris Haroun, Belgium midfielder
I think 3-0 was a little bit too much because although Brazil played well, we had a lot of good chances. But when you play Brazil, if you don't take your chances, you're going to find it very difficult to get a result because they have so many good players going forward. Just before half-time we were playing very well and we got Brazil on the back foot, but they had one chance and scored it. That was the difference.

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