Foppe de Haan, Netherlands coach
There was a great atmosphere and a good crowd here today. We knew we had to win, and that was our only aim. My players are aware of what a game like this means. Now we’re through to the quarter-finals. We’re travelling the length and breadth of China, we started in Hong Kong, then it was Tianjin, we were here today and now we’ll be flying to Shanghai. I hope our tour ends in Beijing.

Roy Makaay, Netherlands captain
We knew it would be hard work against Japan. We played like an English team today with lots of long balls. At the end of the day, we’ve enjoyed a shade more luck than the Japanese. All the teams want to get to Beijing, and that’s our target too. It was my decision not to take the penalty myself and give the ball to [Gerald] Sibon instead. I’m still carrying a minor foot injury.

Yasuharu Sorimachi, Japan coach
Obviously we’re disappointed to be going home after three defeats, but we’ve shown we’re a decent attacking side. The biggest disappointment for me was our failure to take points from the game against the USA. That caused us all kind of problems for our two remaining games. We lack experience in the box, we’re still missing too many clear-cut chances. Our players are still very young and they’ll need to keep gaining experience.

Shusaku Nishikawa, Japan keeper
We’ve learnt a lot over the last two years. Thanks to the Olympics, I’ve now seen the top level of world football, which you don’t get in the J-League. I’ve gained a great deal of experience as a goalkeeper at this tournament. I hope I can build on that soon in our forthcoming World Cup qualifiers.