The Brand


A successful look and feel makes for a winning tournament.

The Official Look, the Official Emblem, the Official Mascot and the Official Trophy are all important aspects of the event's brand. They play a vital role in the creation of an image that not only helps generate excitement and momentum but which helps to maximise exposure. A successful look and feel helps the tournament become a part of the national consciousness. 

Flying High

Strong branding in the UAE helped generate excitement and momentum.

The Official Look

The Official Look for the FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013 uses a combination of elements and colours to underpin the Official Emblem and Official Mascot to great effect.

Together, these help to create a unique, recognisable identity for the tournament. 

The inspiration for the Official Look comes from the ornaments and arabesques that are so characteristic of Emirati architecture, as well as from the distinctive Arabic calligraphy.

The simplified graphic elements bring a level of perspective and dynamism to the overall design. The Official Look combines foreground and background design elements and specific colour combinations, resulting in a strong, energetic and dynamic colour palette that adds contrast and excitement to the overall event.

The Official Emblem

The Official Emblem for the biggest international football tournament ever to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was unveiled at a special ceremony at the sumptuous Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi in March.

The emblem, revealed by a group of young Emiratis, depicts an oyster shell and pearl, resplendent in the UAE's national colours and is a reference to the country's historical relationship with fishing and pearl diving. 

Local Organising Committee (LOC) Chairman HE Yousef Y Al Serkal explained the significance of the emblem and its important role in helping to brand the tournament internationally. 

He said: “It is a great honour for the UAE to have been chosen by FIFA to host this prestigious tournament. Pearl diving is part of our national heritage, as is the game of football, and it is natural for the two to come together in a celebration of sport and such an important international event.”

The Official Emblem is a lock-up, combining the FIFA brand (dark blue and light blue “fin” elements and a football) with the FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013 local area. The logo harks back to the traditional Emirati pearl fishing days of old and the design is rendered in the national colours of the UAE national flag. 

Pearl fishing has a proud and ancient history throughout the Emirates going back thousands of years and is a perfect symbol of the value that the nation places on football and its youth.


Falcons are a potent symbol of our nation.

HE Mohammed Abdulla bin Bdoua,

Tournament Director

The Official Mascot

The falcon and the ancient sport of falconry are synonymous with the region and it was fitting that a representation of the proud bird of prey was chosen as the Official Mascot for the FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013.  

Shaqran, named after a particularly popular type of falcon, was unveiled at a special ceremony in May by Tournament Director HE Mohammed Abdulla bin Bdoua, who explained the perfect symbolism of the bird in relation to the tournament.

He said: “Falcons are a potent symbol of our nation and represent great strength and determination, two qualities present in all 24 qualifying teams for this tournament. Shaqran therefore emerged as the perfect name for our event ambassador and mascot.” 

The Official Mascot provided the tournament with an exciting brand asset that was used to engage with football fans, especially children, across the Emirates not only during the build-up to the biggest celebration of football in the country's history but also at the tournament. 

“We continually aim to select FIFA U-17 World Cup mascots that fans from the host country can relate to and are familiar with,” explained FIFA Deputy Director of Competitions Iñaki Alvarez. “Shaqran was the best pick for this tournament as he not only represents the Emirates' heritage of falconry but he is also a symbol that many UAE nationals identify with in the same way that they identify with the one of the nation’s oldest sports – football.”

  • 49.5cm

    Official Trophy height

The Official Trophy

An important tournament requires an Official Trophy worthy of the winning team. 

The FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013 got just that, as well as a focus for the entire country, as youngsters and grown-ups alike came out in large numbers to view the Thomas Fattorini-designed prize as it toured the UAE prior to the event. 

The creative impetus behind the trophy's design focused on the visualisation of football as a contact sport that requires strength, athleticism, elegance and poise in equal measure. These elements are symbolised by the Official Trophy's two supports at full stretch, making contact with the football in a competitive spirit. The structure is simultaneously strong, while remaining a delicate representation of the game's natural balance between the opposing teams. The international dimension of the event is represented by the globe in the shape of a football – a consistent feature amongst almost all of FIFA's event trophies.

Designer: Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Birmingham, UK Jane Powell, Thomas R. Fattorini
Manufacturer: Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Birmingham, UK
Year of design and manufacture: 2004
Material: Copper-based brass alloy zinc, copper, sterling silver, stainless steel
Weight: 4.6kg
Height: 49.5cm
Base diameter: 17cm
Widest point: 17cm