Engaging the Community


As an exercise in mobilizing people, a FIFA tournament is living proof that many hands make light work.

At the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013, both the Volunteer Programme and the FIFA Youth Programme proved extraordinarily successful. Literally thousands and thousands of men, women, boys and girls made themselves available to help where they could in return for a chance to be at the heart of a huge sporting event. 

It's become a cliché to say “we couldn't do it without you” but, in the case of our Volunteer and FIFA Youth Programme, it's absolutely the truth and it was humbling to see so many people respond to the call.


Thanks to the dedication of our Sponsors, we have created a programme that offers boys and girls of all ages an unforgettable experience

Thierry Weil,

 FIFA Director of Marketing


Child's Play!

Almost 1,000 boys and girls enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 when they became members of the highly successful FIFA Youth Programme.

Thanks in large part to FIFA's Commercial Affiliates, some 960 youngsters aged between six and 17 experienced a major football tournament behind the scenes (and from a player's-eye view) as they prepared to accompany the players onto the pitch as escorts, flag bearers and essential ball crew. 

Dreams come true

The FIFA Youth Programme took centre stage at a daily media briefing during the tournament. The world's press had the chance to hear, first hand, from some of the youngsters involved in the initiative.

All four of the FIFA Youth Programme recruits clearly enjoyed the experience, but it was player escort Lohan Teixeira Ladeia who melted the hearts of the gathered reporters. 

The ten-year-old had been selected for the programme after winning a drawing competition held by McDonald's, and the youngster captured perfectly just what the experience meant to him.

“Walking onto the pitch with the players was a dream come true, and so far in my life this is the only time that one of my dreams has come true,” Lohan said. 

Once in a Lifetime

Hundreds of boys and girls took part in the FIFA Youth Programme and all enjoyed a day to remember.

Volunteer Army

The response to our call for a small army of volunteers to help us stage the greatest show on Earth is never short of remarkable, and we were again staggered when almost 100,000 people applied for the 5,600 FIFA Confederation Cup and around 15,000 FIFA World Cup™ positions.

For the first time, the Volunteer Programme required potential volunteers to participate in an educational on-line process as part of their application.   

Included in the new process was an online virtual tour of FIFA's headquarters in Zurich, a history of Brazil's host cities and 'how to' guides focusing on welcoming fans and visitors. 

The Volunteer Programme process consists of distinct phases (some online and some in person) and applicants must complete all the required stages to be successful. These include:

  • Online application (closed) 
  • General training 
  • Interviews 
  • Specific interviews 
  • Specific training

Diverse Backgrounds

Volunteers hailed from remarkably diverse backgrounds, with more than 250 coming from outside Brazil. Colombia lead the way with 35 representatives while, among the most experienced volunteers on parade, was 63-year-old Munda, a steelworks owner all the way from India.

The businessman, known affectionately as Omu, spent around USD 4,000 travelling to Rio de Janeiro and is a regular volunteer at major sporting events around the world.

“Without volunteers, these events just couldn't happen,” said Omu, who employs nearly 300 workers at his factory. “Being a volunteer has inspired me to travel the world. It's really nice to learn about other countries' cultures and religions, as well as sharing gastronomic experiences.”

As a thank-you for all the work carried out, every volunteer at this year's FIFA Confederations Cup was presented with a medal and a diploma following the final game in their respective Host City.

  • 43%

    of volunteers at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 were women

Volunteering for Fun

FIFA Volunteers are essential but it's not all hard work as you can see in this video.